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Hey y'all, before I get started, we're heading into the last hiatus. A lot of people in a lot of places are worried about the fate of the show, as critical acclaim is high, but ratings are not. I wouldn't normally bestir myself to do something about it, but this is the best, most interesting show I've ever recapped, which, thank the HoPs, is saying a lot. So: I know many of you don't read the forums, but a number of posters have gone to a lot of effort to demonstrate their support for the show, so if it's appointment TV for you, why not go on the boards and see how you can help?

We open at the exterior of Neptune High, where hangs a big banner upon which is written "Total Eclipse of the Heart." I guess right here is as good a time as any to tell you that, in keeping with the theme of the dance, this recap is going to contain copious '80s song references, so if that's not your thing? Turn around, bright eyes. We pan over kids gossiping (some of them about Mr. Rooks, actually) and eventually get to Logan and Veronica sitting at a table. I'd think the two of them hanging out is what the kids would be talking about, but maybe they don't want to start anything akin to blasphemous rumors. Veronica's got her hair teased, and is looking pretty in pink jacket and blue jeans. Also, there's a can of "Skist" in the foreground, so I guess the props department misunderstood what environmentalists mean when they urge people to recycle aluminum. Veronica tells Logan that since his mom disappeared, only her "no-limit platinum card" has been used. She adds that, of the fourteen cards she had, it's the only one still registered under her maiden name, "Lester." So I guess Lynn had plenty of money before she married Haaron. Logan speculates that she might be trying to hide, and Veronica smiles in agreement. She tells him that there's only been one charge on the card -- a rental car -- and adds that she ordered a copy of the signature, but that it might take a couple of weeks. Logan asks what car it is, and learns it's a Mercedes convertible, much like the one she left abandoned. She's gonna try to tame that little red love machine. Veronica tells Logan she'll let him know if the card's used again, and leaves. Logan quickly follows her...

...and inside, walks next to her awkwardly. He swallows his pride, and if that action were manifested physically, it would be the rough equivalent of a garter snake sucking down a rhinoceros. He hesitantly but seemingly sincerely thanks her for "helping out with this," which is a marked shift in attitude from last episode. He even squeezes her arm. Veronica does not reply, "Oh, that'll have to come off now." Instead, she smiles somewhat mistily and says she knows what it's like. Logan smiles in return, and walks off. Veronica good-naturedly shakes her head, no doubt thinking it's a good day to buy a lottery ticket. We pan in the direction Veronica's walking in...

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