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Rashard And Wallace Go To White Castle

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"I Told You. I Was Trippin' Balls."
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Before I start, I can't believe I forgot to mention that wonderwilma from the forums was the one who designed the TWoP shout-out poster. I feel like Hilary Swank after she thanked everyone under the sun for her Oscar except Chad Lowe, although I have a feeling that my oversight isn't going to be anywhere near as portentous.

Lots of previouslies.

A knife dramatically descends through the air...and cuts a piece of cake. Someone hands off the piece to Veronica, who takes it over to a table in Java The Hut at which sits a forlorn-looking Wallace. Veronica: "So, the manager's boyfriend just dumped her, and she says this helps with the stress." Oh, come on -- she's obviously just faking the dumping to help her boyfriend get his illegitimate child out of the country. It's the oldest trick in the book. Wallace asks what the cake is, and is informed it's a "German chocolate nut-gasm." Wallace thinks that won't help his mood, and I'm surprised, because I'd think it's been a while since he's had any sort of really good "gasm." ["Maybe he was put off by the 'nut' part." -- Wing Chun] Veronica tells him to eat it anyway: "Rashard Rucker isn't just any guy. You are about to implicate the basketball phenom of the decade -- the second coming of LeBron James -- in a hit-and-run." She goes on to say that all the people who stand to make tons of money off Rashard won't be too thrilled when Wallace spills the beans. Wallace says that he has to do the right thing, but tells Veronica she doesn't have to do "this." If he means reminding him that he's about to be roughly as popular in Chicago as Mrs. O'Leary's cow, I'd have to agree. Veronica says that she needs a project, because planning and executing a massive cross-border FBI-outwitting operation usually leaves one a little stir-crazy. Or it could be to get her mind off Duncan. Veronica notes that Wallace's reporter is there. We see a quick shot from behind of a man who's I'm guessing is supposed to be Ernie Sayers, and Veronica goes to get him with a "Don't let him misspell your name." Yes, we wouldn't want the hate mail to contain any inaccuracies. I know I hate it when I get notes that say, "Your recaps suck, Coach Baron."

Inga! She greets Keith after he enters the sheriff's office. Keith asks if Lamb has any new great bus-crash leads. Inga gives a very Pavlovian read of "I know nothing," and if that's a Fawlty Towers shout-out, John Enbom gets to be my favorite person of the day. I'm sure he's ready to die now. Keith informs Inga that he's being audited, and he gives her a list of old expense and salary documents he needs. Inga starts to tell him it may take her a while to find the relevant records, but Keith shows her a book (Those Who Trespass, which ew, except given what's about to happen, HA) and says he's got a Bad Company album to listen to as well. He puts in earphones as he tells her to take all the time she needs. When Inga's gone, however, we hear that Keith's listening to a recording of Sacks telling him where the security codes are kept. It seems unlikely that Keith would need to be hearing this again, but it's a reasonably clever way to remind the audience of this plot point without resorting to anvilicious previouslies, so I can live with it. Anyway, Keith makes himself a security card.

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