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Veronica's waiting outside a classroom, and when the class therein lets out, she falls into step with Claire, who recognizes her as the girl who cleared the Pi Sigs. Surprisingly, she does not refer to Veronica as she who "got the Pi Sigs off," but rather than signaling a change of ways on the part of the writers, I think it simply shows they wanted Claire to use an expression that actually singled Veronica out. Claire is fairly neutral to Veronica, and Veronica takes advantage of the mild weather to say that she's investigating the rapes because a friend of hers was one of the victims. She goes on that she has the ATM photo, and again, it's pretty unbelievable that the local law hasn't already gotten this far. Then again, given how they handled the investigation into Driver Ed's state of mind last year, maybe asking questions at convenience stores isn't their strong point. In their defense, it's probably distracting being around all those donuts. (Just ask Veronica -- hi-yoooooo!) Claire isn't sure she's ready to see the photo, but relents, saying, "What the hell -- if it saves someone else, right?" Put that in the "filed away for later" folder. Upon seeing the picture, Claire says that she has no idea who the mysterious Asian guy is, but exposits that she withdrew the max from her account that night. "I got raped, and I paid for the privilege." Veronica notices a logo on the Asian guy's shirt, but Claire is similarly no help there.

Criminology class. Lucky Tim informs the students that Dr. Landry has been called as an expert witness in some case that "[he's] sure [they're] all tracking." Talk to me after the rape mystery, dude. I've got enough to follow as it is here. Lucky Tim says that they're going to continue with their oral presentations, making Veronica look slightly worried. Lucky Tim does in fact call on her, and she gets as far as "Actually, I'm not..." before Tim cuts her off and starts marking her down for being unprepared. And given the circumstances of their last encounter, said mark probably looks something like "SQUEEEEEE!" However, the celebration is premature, as Weevil enters the lecture hall, causing Veronica to pipe up that she's ready for the report. Unless she meant that she's ready to give Weevil a look of "You don't work far enough away to be late, chico." Both seem possible at the moment.

Cut to the two of them at the front of the class, where Veronica is giving highlights of Weevil's criminal history, which include almost two years total in juvie, plus current parole for assaulting the PCH leader that replaced him. She doesn't add that Weevil's assault was followed by one involving C4 and tons and tons of concrete, but given that she's trying to paint a picture of a badass here, upstaging him would be counterproductive. Lucky Tim tries to cut in that she's supposed to be giving an oral presentation and not "show and tell," but Veronica counters that Landry told them they could use audiovisual aids, and proves that Weevil is both audio -- since he can talk -- and visual -- since he's visible. Well, by that logic, she could bring a Speak 'n Spell up there to do the whole report for her. It would be against the spirit of the assignment, but that certainly hasn't gotten in her way in this class before. Veronica tells the students that she'll first discuss the socioeconomic conditions that lead to a life of crime, and starts talking about Weevil...

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