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This is a little nervewracking and worrisome; I've never recapped a really smart show I heartily love and look forward to watching every week. Usually, I am filled to the rim with bile and sarcasm and general disgust, but this time will be different. I hope I can keep you as entertained as Couch Baron does me.

Previously, Dean Ed was egged and shot, after which the Widder Dean Ed asked Keith to investigate Dean Ed's suicide and find it to be a murder. Veronica unconsciously raised Piz's hopes (is that really how it's spelled? All this time I was thinking it was "Pez," like the candy. "Piz" looks too much like "piss") only to dash them by getting back together with Logan.

In the caf, Veronica and Logan have a protracted discussion about whether he's going to eat a single French fry from a pile of many French fries. It ends when Logan proceeds to feed Veronica the fry in question after it has been dipped in ketchup to "make it worth a girl's while." I don't quite get the point of this scenelet unless it's to remind us of just how cute and compatible Logan and Veronica are as a couple before the pit viper of suspicion and mistrust makes a permanent nest in Veronica's heart? Before taking off for Astronomy, Logan drops the recent edition of the campus Lampoon in front of Veronica. The cover and succeeding gatefold read "EGG-ED," and accompany a piece titled,"Multiple eggings beat fear into Lampoon editors." "Don't tell me they actually wrote something funny in there," Weevil cracks, joining Veronica at her table. Veronica tells him that, even better than that, the Lampoon offices got egged the night after Dean Ed reinstated the Greeks. She hands over the issue so that Weevil can take in the grassy-knoll analysis of where the eggings occurred. The graphic is labeled "Huevosnacht!" Ah, like Kristallnacht. A supremely less funny attack. It appears as though three places were egged: the Lampoon offices, the Pi Sig house, and the Randolph Hearst statue. Veronica reminds us that the Lilith House on the Prairie girls are the ones who egged the Pi Sigs. Weevil goes off on how stupid "these people" are, and bitches about Dean Ed getting egged: "Like he's the one who has to clean it up." Do you think Weevil had to clean up the Dean after the whole brain-splatter event? After Veronica calmly notes that the piece doesn't mention the Dean getting egged, Weevil explains that the Dean was egged the same night: "I don't know why they didn't put that in there -- maybe they couldn't find a way to make it funny." Yeah, "Dean egged into suicide" isn't exactly a thigh-slapper. Weevil rubs his head as he muses that the Dean was a good guy, and that it's a "damn shame" he's dead. Veronica has been furrowing silently at Weevil this whole time as the full import of his words sink in.

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