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Many thanks to Keckler for covering for me these last two weeks. I owe her a big froofy cocktail or two.

Wallace's basketball coach, so nice the last time we saw him, is chewing out his players. He rounds on a tall skinny kid, "Josh," asking if he's going to pull his head out of his ass. It turns out that Josh is the coach's son, and he doesn't appreciate being told to "man up" in front of his teammates. He quits the team and storms out, ignoring the assistant coach's efforts to talk him down. After a moment to take that in, the coach gathers his team around. Wallace is watching Josh leave, though, so the coach tells him to look alive. Given what's to come: physician, heal thyself.

Cut to Wallace eating with Veronica, who tells him to look on the bright side. Wallace incredulously asks what the bright side of a twenty-point loss could be, especially given that the "All-Conference small forward" quit the team. Veronica gamely (heh) points out that Wallace did get to play a lot of minutes for a guy who recently went on sabbatical. Wallace points out that he took his dick friend Mason's starting position, and that Mason hasn't been speaking to him as a result. I have to say that neither of those occurrences is making Veronica's side seem any less bright. In fact, I should grab some shades so I can stop squinting. Wallace expresses doubt as to whether he's really better than Mason, and then, as Veronica gets up to go, asks her how she's doing with the Logan situation. Veronica gives a forced smile and says that she was trying not to think about it, "so thanks for bringing it up." That sounds bad on paper, but from her delivery and the fact that Wallace looks only very mildly chastened, I don't think she meant to be harsh there. Of course, it's hard to leave the bright side on such short notice.

Chez Mars. Veronica, dressed and ready to go, emerges from her bedroom and smiles upon seeing food waiting for her. She grabs a pastry and starts chewing, but then notices a nearby note. She grabs it, and we get a Keith VO: "If you've eaten any of this breakfast, you now owe me. Invoices have to go out today. See you at the office!" Hee. Veronica stopping mid-chew in chagrin is what sells it. She crumples up the note and muses that she always falls for this trick, and then she grabs some more food and heads out the door. That's right -- at least get your money's worth. We tried to do that at Denny's in college, but even at their prices, it wasn't easy.

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