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Men Are Pigs...
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Wow. First off, congratulations to the show people on The CW upping the episode commitment from thirteen to twenty. It makes me especially happy that it happened on the heels of another episode I really, really liked. Loved, in fact. I'll preface by saying that, aside from the kind of silly and manufactured Wallace cheating storyline, the show has consistently been creating real moral ambiguity in just about all its plotlines of late, which I find very appealing. And it will save me a lot of typing if I just tell you now that, unless I say otherwise, I have some degree of sympathy for just about every character's actions and position in this episode. I mention that in the hope that it will save the recap from turning into one big Lincoln-Douglas debate with myself. Said hope is not all that strong, I will readily admit.

Okay. Veronica arrives home and, trying to make as little noise as possible, quickly packs a bag and is on her way back out when Keith appears and asks her where she's staying. It's too bad his senses weren't so good when Duncan and his daughter were right next door, but I suppose he had more reason to be on alert here. Veronica turns to face her dad, who adds that he called Logan's room at the Grand, and that Logan didn't know where Veronica was. What's more, he believes that Logan was telling the truth, and if Keith has any reaction to the logical conclusion that Veronica and Logan are having problems, he doesn't pick this time to show it. Veronica flippantly points out that Keith didn't come home the previous night, and...the tone here is unfortunate, but Veronica did make her feelings on this matter awfully plain to Keith more than once, and it's not like you'd need to be a rocket scientist to figure them out even if she hadn't. Keith suggests that they talk, already did, Keith. Veronica, less edgily, says that Wallace and Piz rented a motel room off-campus to study (a practice I've never heard of, but plenty of posters have) so Wallace is letting her stay in his room. She returns to playing hardball when she points out that now Keith can have Harmony over to the apartment and go nuts. Keith tells her that this is his life and his choice, which...agreed, but I think Veronica's stated position of "Your choice, yours as it is to make, is not working for me, and I can only list fifty-eight reasons why off the top of my head, but if you'll just give me a minute..." is valid enough that Keith can't expect Veronica to let him off the hook. Veronica leaves.

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