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Well, here we are. Before I start, I'd like to thank Joe R for taking last week's recap off my hands at the eleventh hour (FUCKING NETS) and doing such a hilarious job with it. Since we pick up right where the last episode left off, though, I want to add a couple of thoughts. A lot of posters pointed out how preposterous the trial was, and I totally agree with them. I understand that the ultimate point was to create an O.J.-like scenario. I do. But saying "It's noir, baby" doesn't mean it's good noir. For me, the trial didn't work at all, simply because it was so procedurally unbalanced. You can make the commentary that the world is corrupt, but you have to at least go through the motions, or it's not a trial. For example, let's say, for a moment, we're in some faraway world where medical tests can be used to besmirch a witness's character. Ridiculous, yes, but let's go with it. But if you were the prosecutor, wouldn't you attempt to turn things around? I mean, if chlamydia can be called as a character witness, it's logical to think that a guy Haaron beat to a bloody pulp in front of Trina, Veronica, and Logan could too, right? Or any of the multitude of women with whom Haaron was known to have affairs? Where were all the tabloid stories? Mention of Lynn's suicide? What was the prosecution doing for the past year to prepare its case? I mean, if we're to conclude that the prosecutor and/or judge was in someone's pocket, we need something a bit more concrete, in my opinion. And are we really to think that Jake "YOU KILLED MY DAUGHTER!" Kane (who, remember, is "beloved" by Neptune) wouldn't have used all his power and influence to make sure the case against Haaron was as strong as possible? Frankly, with the slipshod way the trial was depicted, I'd rather not have seen it at all. Except, that is, for the acting, and let me just get this out of the way: Harry Hamlin has been fucking brilliant on this show from beginning to end, and I'm kind of sorry a chambermaid is currently cleaning his brains off a TV screen in the Neptune Grand. [SPOILER!]

Okay, speaking of the devil. Haaron appears on the courthouse steps to a media frenzy, as VMVO notes that now "truth and fiction are pretty much interchangeable." Funny that Veronica sounds so bitter -- I can think of ways in which that would really come in handy. That way, my Jake Gyllenhaal fanfic would suddenly come true and...oh, whoops. Moving on. Haaron delightfully stammers how relieved he is to be free. Keith leads a still-about-to-chew-off-her-lip Veronica away, as Haaron gives a Nixon-style "V-for-Victory" sign, which is fitting, as he just basically spent a year saying that he wasn't a crook. His image goes still....

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