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When A Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie...

Elsewhere in the Hut, Veronica buses some cups, and then sees on a video monitor she has surreptitiously set up that the Barracuda is moving. She quickly asks Jackie to take her tables, and Jackie, covering her emotions from the conversation with Wallace, smiles and agrees. I always love to see actors improve, and Tessa Thompson, you've come a long way, baby.

Veronica pulls over and waits until the Barracuda comes speeding by on a cross street, and then turns and follows it. She tunes in to the audio from the tracker, and hears the driver jauntily singing along to "Treat Her Like A Lady," which, heh. We see the driver's hands, the left one of which bears a Claddagh ring, but I can't really see if the heart's pointing toward the driver or away from him. Which is just as well, because given how heatedly the point was debated in the forums, it had to have been pointing both ways simultaneously. Anyway, the car pulls over on a nice street, and a woman who looks like Kendall gets out of a car in front and hops into the Barracuda. She tells the driver that an intruder is still in the house, explaining that she saw a flashlight, and we hear that she also sounds like Kendall. And if it looks like Kendall, and sounds like Kendall, it must be Priscilla. The driver asks her to hand him his gun out of the glove box, prompting Veronica to put down her camera and call Keith. She tells him she thinks someone's going to get shot, and upon learning where she is, Keith tells her to pull up to the house and wait for him with the engine running, but to hightail it out of there if she sees anyone but him coming at her. Veronica asks what's going on, but we flash to inside the house: Keith is around the corner from the front door, which opens. Keith's forced to hang up, as the driver enters the house, and Veronica keeps saying "Dad?" to a dead line as we go to the last commercial break.

Back from break, Veronica gives up and starts her car.

Inside, Keith walks around, like WHERE IS YOUR FUCKING GUN, MR. "SHERIFF"?

Outside, Veronica pulls up a few car lengths behind the Barracuda.

Inside, Keith is heading for a window when the driver tells him to stop. Keith turns, and a chuckling Liam emerges from the shadows with an overdelivered line about the luck of the Irish. Keith basically begs for his life, but Liam isn't having it, and shoots -- but the chamber's empty. Keith flinches, but I'm sure that even the biggest stickler would let him off for this one without the requisite two punches. He recovers to tackle Liam.

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