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When A Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie...

When we're back, Veronica asks Gia what the guy in the car looked like. Gia: "All I saw was his butt." Hee. Oh, that reminds me -- the episode title pays homage to the Sex Pistols's album Nevermind The Bollocks. Gia adds that the guy gave her a "pressed ham," and if Veronica wasn't willing to get paid in meat before, I'd think this would settle the issue. Also, Gia was the only one who saw it, because she was the only one in the limo "facing in that direction," which could mean about eighteen thousand different things that have all been covered in the forums, so moving on. Gia figured it was just some stupid college kids, because they had a sticker of some mascot on their window. Also, Gia claims not to be a car person -- so I guess she hasn't been to The Woodman's hangar lately -- and she was on the phone with The Woodman only a few minutes before the crash, since he was checking to make sure that Gia could pick up her brother Rodney after his piano lesson. Besides the obvious bus-crash-related DUN! there, that revelation makes me shudder at the idea that poor Rodney was probably late getting home that day. His mother is...tough.

In another hallway, Wallace borderline adorably/"let it go, horndog boy"-ly hits on Jackie, saying that Jane's got a date for the prom, so he and Jackie should go, especially since being labeled a homewrecking maneater would be nothing compared to her established reputation as "that girl whose dad blew up the kids." Jackie, wounded, thanks Wallace for breaking it down, and leaves, as Wallace calls, "Come on! You know what I'm trying to say." Well, what I heard is that Butters is about a million times more sensitive a prom date than you, Wallace, but a small part of me doubts that that was the intended message.

Veronica parks in front of a suburban house and rings the doorbell, as we sadly note a plastic doghouse shaped like an igloo on the front lawn, so I'm guessing Apache was a Husky. Also, there's a chain next to it, so I guess the poor thing really never had a chance. Some kid (looks about fourteen) with a black eye answers the door, and I hope this doesn't mean that he's related to the Mannings. That family's done enough this season, thanks. The kid recognizes Veronica from Neptune High, and after badly trying to hit on her (in a well-acted manner, though), and amusingly getting flicked in the face as a result, he directs her out back.

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