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When A Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie...
gi?show=139&story=7982&page=11">a murderer pop up in your back seat will make you a little more sensitive to scary people behind you. The dude says that he hears Veronica can "find stuff," and, undeterred by her mention of a fee, says that he needs her to find the owner of a car -- one that ran over his dog Apache right on his front lawn. Veronica fairly neutrally says that she's sorry, and knowing how Kristen Bell feels about dogs from her Punk'd appearance, she's even a better actress than I thought. (Joe R and I love her so much on that. "My boyfriend and I are animal lovers!" Awesome.) After a couple of tears, the guy asks what Veronica's fee would be, and she says that it depends on the work involved. Dude: "Is there any way I can pay you in meat?" I think I'll just leave that one alone. It's a new experience for me.

Cut to the dude, who clarifies his meat comment by saying that he hunts, showing Veronica a picture of the type of car that did the awful deed -- it's a Plymouth Barracuda, which he says was green. Veronica says that's good news: "You don't see a lot of 'Cudas except on Nash Bridges reruns." I'm going to have to take her word for it. They're in the computer room, so Veronica sits at a machine and logs into "" (heh) to see how many Barracudas are registered in Neptune. The answer is none, causing the dude to growl, "But you'll keep looking." After a million years contemplating exactly what she's getting into, Veronica agrees.

Journalism room. Some guy complains about another guy, "Bob Patton," owing him a story about the high price of graduation. Perhaps he's busy catching up on old episodes of Buffy by way of research. He asks Veronica to dig up some stock photo to replace the hole in the layout, and Veronica counters by discovering that it would cost forty bucks to cover the space with an ad. She must really hate grunt work.

Jackie, sporting pretty new straightened hair, catches Veronica at her locker and asks her to put in a good word for her at Java The Hut: she's applied for a job there. Veronica thinks the wages aren't going to be what Jackie's used to, but on the plus side, Jackie will get all the macchiatos she can drink, and on her own timetable, too. Jackie explains that her family's assets have been frozen, and that the only people at home are repossessors. One would think Jackie might have seen this situation coming when her dad took off, but I guess ATM daily limits exist for a reason. Veronica genially agrees to Jackie's request. And that sentence shows that if TV as a whole needs a motto, it should be "You just never know."

At the place of employment in question, Veronica asks her manager about Jackie, saying that she's a friend, and is told by way of some bad dubbing that Jackie has no experience and has never had a job. Veronica presses the point, though, and when the manager ascertains that Veronica will vouch for Jackie and will be the one to fire her if she doesn't work out, she tells Veronica that Jackie can start the next day. Well, that was easy. (That was the runner-up in the motto contest. Some days you're in a better mood than others.)

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