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When A Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie...

Veronica returns to Harry's house, noting a new motorcycle in the driveway. When the brother answers (now with two black eyes), Veronica lets the truth spill, saying that Liam killed Apache because the kid was late with his payments. The kid begs Veronica not to tell Harry, since Harry isn't afraid of anyone and will kill Liam: "I'm asking you not to tell anybody so my brother doesn't spend the rest of his life in prison." You know, I just realized that this kid reminds me a little of Scott Wolf. A little weightlifting and an alcoholism storyline, and he's in business. Harry calls down to "Billy," and Veronica heads up the stairs, as VMVO notes that all she has to do is give up Liam's name, and he'll die: "He's a killer. And there's a good possibility that he's responsible for the deaths of everyone on that bus. I, for one, wouldn't miss him." Veronica reaches Harry's room, and he asks her whether she knows who ran over his dog. Veronica takes a long moment, and then: "No." Awesome. I forgive some of the contrivances about Veronica's perception of Weevil because of the lesson about moral ambiguity; I think if it wasn't likely to cause Harry's death or incarceration, Veronica totally would have given up Liam's name, and that revelation is making her realize that she and Weevil aren't so different after all.

Next time: lots of The Woodman and Gia. Creepy crawlies for everyone!

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