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Mars Investigations. Veronica and Keith have clearly been in research mode for a while, and Veronica enters to tell Keith that the cataract woman, "Mary MacDonald," is Liam's maternal grandmother. Well, if "Gun Moll" comes up on Wheel, Mary will probably be the first to get it, bad eyes and all. Veronica also informs Keith of what she learned about Liam's grudge against Cervando, noting that Liam had access to explosives through his cousin, Danny. Keith, for his part, informs Veronica that Kendall was in contact with Liam's brother "Cormac," who's in San Quentin for fraud. What's more, Cormac and Kendall were partners -- "grifters, working the long con. She was his roper." This is looking worse and worse for Beaver. Kid is in over his head, not that that's difficult. Keith adds that Kendall took the rap for Cormac with the wire-fraud thing to save him a third strike: "I'd say the rest of the Fitzpatricks owe Kendall a big one." They speculate that Liam might have followed the bus on Kendall's behalf: "Kendall could have made the call that blew up the bus while sipping margaritas by the Casablancas pool." And if my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a...ooh. Bad analogy. Also, Veronica relays what she learned from Logan. The "relevant" parts, that is.

Java The Hut. Jackie finds Wallace waiting for her at a table, and with all the associations that's starting to bring up, I just pray he doesn't order a donut. Anyway, Wallace says that they should be together, even if it's only for five weeks, and asks her to prom. She kind of adorably accepts, and Wallace goofily says that he'd better get down and grab some formalwear, since he hears "those top hats and those canes go quick." Jackie giggles as she realizes that Wallace has a monopoly on her heart. (Sorry. The things allergy medication will do to a recap.)

Chez Mars. After watching a special report on the news, Keith calls Veronica out to the living room. Veronica might associate this with being in trouble, and while that's not exactly the case, the crappy anxious feeling is right on target. Keith tells Veronica that a construction crew found Haaron's Oscar statue buried in the grounds of the Kane estate. Veronica expresses her belief that the ashtray was the murder weapon, but is happy that it seems to help their case against Haaron. But Keith informs her that both Lilly's blood and Duncan's hair were found on the Oscar. I would like to believe that there's some plausibility for this framing scenario. I really would, which is why I'll overlook the fact that knowledgeable posters in the forums pointed out that there's no way weeks-old hair taken from Duncan's drain would provide solid DNA evidence. But seriously, as about a billion posters asked, how did Lilly's blood get on the statue? Also, what criminal would go to the trouble of burying the statue without washing the DNA evidence off it? They might as well have found some Kane shit on the statue, because that bodily product is what this storyline brings to mind. (I should add, though, that some posters speculated that Haaron is trying to make it look like Logan framed Duncan, which is intriguing, and would make the clumsiness of the frame job less problematic. Still doesn't explain the blood, though. It also doesn't explain how Haaron won an Oscar, but as an astute poster pointed out, it's not like every choice the Academy has made over the years has exactly been beyond reproach or stood the test of time.)

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