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When A Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie...

Outside, Kendall stalks out of the car and confronts Veronica, demanding to know who's in her house, and what the hell is going on. The answer comes in the form of Keith and Liam crashing through the front window. Keith manages to land a few vicious elbows to Liam's face. Well, Liam, at least with all your Irish luck, the Tooth Fairy's bound to be extra generous tonight. Keith rushes to Veronica's car, and Veronica snarls to Kendall, "Move, or you're a hood ornament!" Kendall complies, probably because she's already got that job covered on her extensive résumé. Veronica peels out, and Liam staggers over to Kendall, who intones that the former sheriff breaking into her house is bad. Liam offers to track Keith down and ask why he was there. Kendall: "That would be worse." I just got scared for Beaver.

In the car, Keith dumbly notes that Liam's gun wasn't loaded. It might seem cheap that Veronica sounded so urgent on the phone when she knew that she'd taken the ammunition out of the gun, but for all she knew, Liam could have noticed and reloaded, so no problem there for me. Veronica tells Keith that the bullets are in the ashtray, and Keith pulls one out and takes a close look at it. He then looks long and hard at his daughter, and wordlessly strokes her hair, and if we needed a moment that's completely opposite in spirit to the one in "Donut Run," where Keith told Veronica he could never trust her again, we've got it. He conveys the realization that this is who Veronica is, that he had a hand in making her this way, and he now sees that all of that is a good thing, all with that one look. Lovely work from Enrico Colantoni. Anyway, Veronica asks whether this means Kendall has a secret house, and the answer's yes. Keith wearily produces Kendall's hard drive, and Veronica grins. There's your approval, Keith.

Later, at Mars Investigations, Mac has hacked into the drive. Veronica, tending to Keith's facial cuts, thanks her, but Mac says that she isn't speaking to her: "Butters asked if he should rent a room for prom night." Gross, although I doubt Butters would even get the rental pants off before the evening came to an abrupt end. Okay, that's even grosser. Mac asks whether there's anything else she can do for Keith, and he smiles and asks her to print all the emails and documents. Mac: "Your wish is my shift-command." At the "..." looks, Mac explains that it's computer humor, and Veronica playfully says that she liked it better when Mac wasn't speaking to her. We'll see exactly how much of a fiasco prom is, Veronica.

Out at the site where Thumper had Weevil beaten up, the PCHers wait in a line as the Fitzpatricks arrive to collect their cash. Hector, the obvious new leader of the PCHers, throws Liam an envelope, which Liam notes is thin, and unlike with the Stanford letter, that's not going to lead to any surprise good news. Long story short, Liam picks out a kid who just happens to be Harry's little brother, who he says has been short two weeks in a row. It looks to me like he's been short a lot longer than that, so maybe by stringing him up, they're doing him a favor. No, turns out they just want to use him as a punching bag until the other PCHers cough up enough cash for Liam to be satisfied, and worse, the tough he sends over to do the dirty work does not seem to think that punches are meant to be pulled. The cash starts flowing freely, but what actually gets Liam's attention is Weevil pulling up in his car. After some grand speechifying on both sides, Weevil produces the license-plate list, which he says has some big-shot clients on it -- "lawyers on speed, coked-up pro athletes, celebrities' kids rolling on E. Ask yourself this question -- exactly how much business did Heidi Fleiss do when her little book went public, huh?" Heh. Weevil adds that he's got copies of the list everywhere, and that the day he goes missing is the day they go public. I'm sure Thumper would be all, "I should have thought of that" if he could see this, but brimstone isn't the most transparent of substances. Liam tries to laugh off his defeat, but is unconvincing, probably because if it doesn't involve bloody knuckles or bare ass cheeks, it's not fun in Liam's book. The Fitzpatricks withdraw, as the PCHers sing Weevil's praises. Until, that is, Weevil tells them that they're on their own, and drives off. Say what you will about his morals, but he is certainly nobody's bitch. (Sorry, Logan!)

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