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Before I start, approximately 17,452 people posted or wrote in to tell me that the ringleader of the thieves last week was actually named "Donald Fagen," named after the vocalist and keyboardist of Steely Dan. This makes his name an extremely clever and layered double meaning, and I apologize profusely for missing that and jumping straight to the "You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two" reference. I also curse my college roommate for putting me off classic rock for life with his shrine to Lynryd Skynyrd. Djb would totally have been so happy with the Steely Dan thing, too. Also, the quote on Wallace's poster is actually attributed to the inventor of basketball, Dr. James Naisbith. If I get any more emails before I send this recap to Wing Chun, I will report them here posthaste.

We open soon after we left off last week, as Parker -- on the verge of dissolving into incomprehensibility, not that I blame her -- is telling a black female officer (blue uniform, so...campus security?) that the last thing she remembers was being at a "Zeta Theta" rush party, and she doesn't even remember how she got home. Plus, when she woke up, she felt "out of it" and was naked. VMVO tells us that when you're roofied and raped, you don't remember the who, when, where, and why, but you certainly know the what. I'm choosing to believe that she's referring to the feelings she had at the time of the incident, rather than get into a discussion of whether she still considers what happened to her "rape." Yes, I'm taking the path of least resistance. (Ooh, that was unfortunate.)

The camera pans back to reveal a fairly despondent Mac and Veronica. Veronica softly notes that she could have stopped the rape, since the rapist must have been there when she entered the room, but Mac says that she didn't because Mac had told Veronica that Parker was a floozy: "A proud, proud day for both of us."

Lamb enters and throws a faux-endearing smile at Veronica. "Tell me I'm here because of you. Not that I'm counting or anything, but isn't this Wolf Cry Number Two?" Veronica, defying belief, looks mildly amused. The officer on scene tells Lamb that Parker is the same as the others -- doesn't remember a thing. Lamb turns and fixes Veronica with a pointed stare: "They always say that." Sure, that's beyond obnoxious, but I can imagine that the ones with self-respect low enough to hook up with Lamb pull that excuse often enough. At that last comment, a swirl of emotions does hit Veronica, so maybe she's really trying not to show any weakness to Lamb's face, but the acting choices still seem way off to me for most of this scene.

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