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Lamb is grilling Veronica in an interrogation room. Apparently, Josh went into anaphylactic shock or whatever after he ate the peanut butter cookie Veronica gave him. When the paramedic revived him with an epinephrine shot, Josh overpowered him and escaped the ambulance. One would guess that the EMT guy will be a little less liberal with the adrenaline in the future. Also, I thought it was standard practice for a deputy to ride in the ambulance when transporting an alleged criminal, but I'll admit that it's been some time since I've watched a procedural. Oh, whoops, I forgot that Veronica points that very thing out to Lamb, and Lamb sort of rolls his eyes in Sacks's direction and says that Sacks was riding up front. Geez, Sacks, you're almost out of time to make Lamb think you can do anything right. I hope you don't screw up his lunch order, especially if by completely random chance it turns out to be his last meal. Lamb tries to menace Veronica, but she just asks for her phone call.

We get a close-up of autistic Bobby playing the piano, and then a wider shot shows Keith and Mrs. Barry in the next room. She asks, "Please, Keith. Find my son." If I'm Keith, this is where I point into the next room and am all, "Cash or check?" But Keith tells her that Josh will contact her at some point, and that, when he does, Mrs. Barry has to convince him to turn himself in to Keith. The phone rings, and Bobby looks over. Keith then gets up to take the call, and a woman tells him to hold for Veronica. He looks confused, like, you'd think he'd be familiar enough with prisoners' phone-call protocol given that his daughter has been hauled in before. Also, HE USED TO BE THE SHERIFF. While he's on hold, he sees an envelope addressed to Mrs. Barry from Vinnie Vanlowe. As pointed out on the boards, it's pretty ridiculous to think that Vinnie would send a bill to Mrs. Barry's house where her husband might see it, or even that he wouldn't have required the money up front. Keith contemplates the envelope for a second, and then Veronica gets on the line, and Keith's all, "You're where?" See above, Keith.

Cut to Veronica doing push-ups in her cell. Heh. Keith arrives, and Veronica tells him that she didn't help Josh escape, at least not intentionally -- he took advantage of her kindness. Keith: "This has got to be the first time that's worked for anybody." Oh, come on, Keith. It works for Backup all the time. Cliff appears and tells them the good news is that Josh's cellmate "and key witness to the cookie incident" ate the evidence, and was also totally hammered when he was brought in, so there's no way Lamb can get a conviction. I'm just surprised anyone came to help Josh once he had his reaction. Because if I were a deputy in the other room, I'm not sure how seriously I would have taken the cries for help of Boozebag With A Mouth Full Of Peanut Butter Cookies, assuming there even were any. The bad news, anyway, is that Lamb is bent on holding Veronica in jail for the maximum allowable time. Veronica sighs that Josh is probably in Mexico. Keith asks if she thinks he did it, and Veronica says that if he didn't, he certainly panicked quickly. Keith agrees, but Cliff demurs. Cliff leaves, and Keith tells Veronica that he's got an appointment with Dean Ed's old assistant. He then looks at Veronica and shrugs: "I thought this sight would be more traumatic for me, but..." Hee. Veronica's expression is all, "Well, I never!" Don't worry, Veronica, you can put shoe polish in his Progaine once you get out.

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