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I had a joke all written about the possibility of renewal, and now it's ruined. Thanks, Dawn Ostroff. No, in case you haven't heard: Rob Thomas called me the other night (I know!) to tell me that Ostroff had just given him the good news that Veronica Mars is being renewed for a second season (I KNOW!) Luckily, I'd already written 90% of the recap when I got the amazing call; otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to come up with any snark at all. Yay!

Also: I just got back from the cast appearance at Macy's. It was great to see so many people, and so many TWoPers, turn out to support the show. As I had heard, Jason Dohring and Francis Capra are the ones that read the recaps, and they were both so enthusiastic to meet me and super-nice. Those two also read the forums, I think. In addition, Francis told me that it was Brad Bufanda's (Felix's) mom that first found TWoP, and she told Brad, who then told Francis, and then Jason. Thanks, Mrs. Bufanda! I talked to Kristen about doing an interview, and while she was also very nice about it, I don't get the feeling she's quite as aware of TWoP. But she'll learn. Mwa ha ha! No, seriously, everyone was awesome, and obviously in a good mood this day of all days. Okay, I'll stop now. Seriously.

Previouslies: Over the footage of Jake grabbing Celeste at the Echollses' Christmas party, VMVO tells us that either Jake or Celeste could have gone home from the Neptune Grand and killed Lilly. That's a new voice-over added solely for the purposes of catching people up, for the record. Hey, I try to pay attention.

Veronica's online. So am I. It's not all we have in common -- we both think Deputy Leo's sort of dumb and cute. If I wake up as a blonde, straight, five-foot-one girl...well, I'll know I could have done worse. VMVO muses about Clarence Wiedman and Amelia DeLongpre and the Kanes, and then tracks down Amelia, who's a student at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles. Veronica grabs her car keys and rushes out...

...and we cut to an urgent knocking on a college student's door. The brunette chick inside the room is dressed in sweats and has her hair pulled back. The actress is probably university-educated herself, because from her attire, it's clear she knows what was required when she was asked to dress as the "quintessential" college student. The girl answers the door to find Clarence Wiedman. Contrary to my expectations, there's a distinct lack of music here to make my skin crawl. In other words, the Barenaked Ladies remain thankfully silent. However, from Wiedman's black hat, trenchcoat, and mustache (rounded out by goatee), I can only hope for the girl's sake that she's paid the rent. Wiedman is looking for Amelia, but Quinty tells Wiedman that Amelia left about five minutes ago, with a friend who's "tiny, blonde, cute as a bug." And narrowly avoided being crushed like one.

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