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...but that broadcast does at least provide a smooth transition, since Logan is the next image to appear on screen. He and Wallace are working on their egg protector in Logan's suite at the Grand, and Logan says that if the egg survives, they pass. And if not, they could tweak the 90210 model and have a summer-school season. Come on -- classes on the beach with bikini-clad girls and shirtless guys would be a ratings juggernaut, even if the biggest mystery is who keeps stealing Logan's bathing suit. Not that that one would be an easy one to solve. Anyway, Logan holds the tape measure, and Wallace drops the contraption, which seems to be made of popsicle sticks, cotton, and bubble wrap. The egg survives, and Wallace offers that he guesses their work is done, in the somewhat resentful tone of someone who's been eating lunch alone quite a bit now that the basketball season is over. Logan, of course, is more interested in the buffalo burger that's just arriving for him, and while I'm impressed that he seems to tip the guy an adequate amount, it doesn't look like he offered to get his physics partner anything. Theoretically, it's possible that he offered and Wallace turned him down, but since the sentence most heard from Wallace at lunch is "Are you done with that?," I'm thinking no. When the server has gone, Logan notes that Wallace doesn't like him much. I'm surprised he noticed, but then again, he's probably got the signs memorized by now. Wallace remarks that the last time they talked, Logan was bashing Veronica's headlights with a crowbar. Oh, Wallace, you're really misrepresenting the situation. Logan totally didn't talk to you in that scene either. There's another knock at the door, and a housekeeper comes in with a couple of pillows. Logan introduces Wallace to his "fluffer." You'd think that would be obnoxious, but from the sly smile the woman gives by way of response, it seems she is indeed there for, um, turn-up service. Wallace gets the message and bails.

Chez Mars. Veronica enters and asks Keith if she saw him at school. Keith: "I don't know -- were you hallucinating?" Aw, Keith is so cute when he's pleased with himself for being witty. Veronica notes that he's wearing the same "snazzy" outfit, which she recognizes as his "dating uniform." He does look rather dashing in a dark suit and midnight blue shirt and matching tie, but only having one such uniform doesn't imply a lot of follow-up dates, so I just hope that the blue color doesn't extend past his clothing. Veronica asks if there's some "Miss James rekindling," in a tone that suggests she'd be a lot more amenable to it this time around, but Keith gives nothing away and holds up an envelope, saying "You've got mail." Oh, Keith. A clever joke, a nice outfit, and then you have to bust out a line that makes me think of AOL and Meg Ryan at once. No wonder you're not getting past first. Keith expectantly clarifies that the letter is from Stanford, and Veronica nervously notes that it's "a little anorexic" for an acceptance. Keith tells her that it'll be all right no matter what, and Veronica steels herself, opens the envelope, steels herself again, and reads the letter...and she's in. She giggles in ecstasy and hugs Keith, and this is the happiest, purest moment we've seen from her since she found out for sure that Keith is her biological father. It's lovely...

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