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Neptune High. Logan's facing his locker when Veronica appears and knees him in the back of one of his legs, which quickly causes one of their sexually charged conversations to ensue. I'm not saying I want to see them together, but the hookup seems so inevitable that even Mulder and Scully would be all, "God, just DO IT ALREADY!" at this point. Veronica asks Logan about Lucky, whom he recognizes as "Tommy Dahonik," or some variant thereof. Veronica asks about the moniker. Logan: "Well, he graduates, and his parents file Chapter 11, he has to drop out of college, he signs up for Army Rangers, he gets sent to Iraq and four months in, he gets shot." Veronica's all, "..." But if Lucky got someone as self-absorbed as Logan to retain half that story, he must have someone on his side. Anyway, the punchline is that he was lucky only to get shot in the butt. Logan adds that Veronica met Lucky, and from his catlike smile, I'm guessing that Lucky had her at a disadvantage. In more ways than one, if he happened to know her name.

Flashback. A fast remake of Sia's "Breathe Me" plays, which is just as well, since we don't necessarily want people bursting into tears as they remember the closing montage of the Six Feet Under finale. Of course, many people's brains aren't processing anything other than the fact that Veronica is sitting in Logan's lap, and that they're all over each other.

Back in the present, Veronica impatiently asks if there's a point to the story. Well, one thing I take from it is that your physical chemistry can't be denied, as you even make going at it in that atrocity of a vehicle seem hot. Logan snaps, "Will you let me finish?" Heh.

Logan leans back into flashback, the song kicks up again, and then they're interrupted by Dick and a guy we'll quickly learn is Lucky. I bet if you told Logan he was about to get Lucky, this wouldn't have been what he had in mind. Logan eventually rolls down the window, and it looks like his surfboard is between him and Veronica. Kind of strange for a metaphor, but I guess a gas can would have been too obvious. Lucky tells Logan that they have things to do: "We're done screwin' around. The ball's in our court and someone's gotta pay." I can see what the forum posters meant about this episode being chock full of new information. I certainly didn't know that being shot in the ass causes people to speak only in clichés. Lucky orders Logan to wrap things up, but Logan, with no hint of deference, says that he'll be there when he's there. Of course, it is his flashback, so I doubt he'd recount jumping out to follow Lucky with his, uh, tent leading the way.

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