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We're Not Kidding, Show Killer. Back!

...and Veronica wakes up. Keith rushes in to check on her, and if he's that attentive to noise coming from her room, she'd be well advised not to try any hanky-panky after Keith's gone to sleep. Of course, given their level of chemistry, she could probably have gotten away with it with Duncan. Keith: "Did you watch House Of Wax again? You know that Hilton girl gives you nightmares." It's funny because it's meta. Keith comes across Veronica's bus-crash folder, complete with head shots of recently-cast actors...I mean, "pictures of the victims," and suggests that maybe it's not the best bedtime reading. Veronica hands over a CD that she says was in the bus's player, and Keith asks how it got into her hands. Veronica: "I willed it?" Nice try, Veronica, but the fact that half the people on this show haven't been zapped to Timbuktu proves that you don't have that power. Some people might have that ability and not use it, but you are not one of them. Keith asks if Veronica sneaked onto the bus. Veronica: "Yeah, like you didn't?" Hee. Veronica asks about "the drawing," which Keith didn't see because he had to find the, "hit the deck." (And speaking of the rat, Liam's comment about duct tape having many uses in this scene from last week almost surely means that the Fitzpatricks put the rat on the bus.) Veronica shows Keith a picture of the back of one of the seats with "I Am God" written on it. And it just goes to show that researching a show's creator can cause unexpected problems, as now I'm wondering what the hell the Grace Order of Dadaists could possibly have had to do with the bus crash. If Rob Thomas pulls that off, though, I'll be really impressed. Veronica adds that there was no other graffiti, since the bus was brand-new, and Keith unnecessarily asks why there are nine tombstones on the earlier drawing, since there were only eight victims. Veronica: "I guess the artist wasn't expecting me to get off the bus."

BSK! asks to see the artwork. This seems like as good a place as any to mention that a number of people on the boards thought it was completely out of character for Veronica to confide this much in BSK! I think BSK! just caught her at the right moment, though, and as "Clash Of The Tritons" showed, BSK! does seem to be able to get normally taciturn people to open up. Plus, it may be that show killers have special powers we just don't understand. Veronica shows BSK! the pictures, and adds that one of the kids on the bus drew it: "I need to find out who." Well, you only have...four more acts in which to do so. Not that I'm bitter -- how many people get to experience the joys of carpal tunnel by age thirty-six? (Don't email me -- it'll hurt too much to reply.) Credits.

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