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BSK! asks when the dreams started, and Veronica says it was a few days earlier, when Michele, Rhonda's friend, set up a booth to raise money to buy a yearbook spread for every kid who died in the bus crash. Veronica adds that BSK! should be talking to Michele, since she has that "wide-eyed Margot Kidder in a bush" look...

...and she's also got the voice and twitchiness, as in a flashback, Michele's telling Veronica that if she raises enough money, she'll be able to buy an audio chip, like the kind that play "Happy Birthday" in greeting cards. I'd go for "My name is Judge," if only to see just how many people on this show would jump in fright when they heard it. You can see the pictures of the victims that Veronica stole as Michele goes on to say that it would be great to hear the kids laughing and happy...

...which is where we learn that Rhonda tried Michele at home before the message we heard on the cell, and it's easy to blame Michele for not thinking to give up this information earlier. And I do. But it also, as many things in this episode do, shows that Veronica, for all intents and purposes, didn't investigate the crash at all until the dreams started, and for now I'll just say that if you like long rants about mishandled season arcs, you've got something to look forward to. Anyway, the point is that, during that first message, Michele said she could hear all the kids laughing on the bus. One presumes that she was able to sort out the difference between the kids' laughs and those of the voices inside her head, probably because only the latter's laughs were at her. Oh no, turns out that Veronica asked if she could hear it. I assumed the message would be gone, since both my home and cell voicemails erase themselves after thirty days. I guess Michele continued to save the message manually, which seems strange for someone who DIDN'T THINK TO TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT. Then again, Margot Kidder probably would have done the same thing. Anyway, in flashback, Michele cues up the message, and over the laughs of the students, Rhonda says she hopes Michele can hear what's going on. We then hear what sounds an awful lot like Dick's voice. Michele asks if Veronica heard Meg. Veronica: "No. But I heard someone I know."

BSK!, showing that she's following along, is stunned that Veronica heard Dick's voice when he couldn't have been on the bus. She asks if Veronica told Keith about this. Veronica: "Funny you should ask."

Under The Sea. Hey, I'm sorry, but that's what the view out of the bus window reminds me of, and if I have to have a goofy Disney song stuck in my head, you do too. Price of admission. Rhonda is leaving her cell message for Michele, and Veronica, knowing that this one doesn't end with a bunch of kids giggling at someone she despises, tries to get her attention, but then the explosion sounds...

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