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We're Not Kidding, Show Killer. Back!

...and she's just told BSK! about her discovery. BSK! asks her if she thinks she's through being haunted. Veronica: "I better be." Honey, what you'd better do is eat coffee straight from the can for the rest of the episode, is all I'm saying.

Keith arrives home to find a sleepy Veronica on the couch. He tells Veronica that he followed the money too, and that the rich kids were not on the bus but in the limo, so maybe they were the target after all. He adds that Big Dick took out an insurance policy on his sons three days after marrying Kendall: "Dick and Beaver are worth more dead than they are alive." The scenario he's getting at means that the bomb would have been hidden in the baseball in Dick's memorabilia bag, which he gave to Betina, and whoever gave the order to detonate was watching the limo, which as we know was very close to the bus at the time of the explosion. Of course, if Dream Cervando is to be believed, Betina didn't die from the bomb, so that theory would seem unlikely except for what's about to come... then we're back on the bus, where we finally meet Marcos. He tells Veronica that everything's back to her: "We died because of you." Sorry you went to all this trouble to make a dramatic appearance there, kid, because I could have told you that you were wasting your time. Seriously, if there's one thing I think everyone on the boards agrees on, it's that Veronica was not the intended target. So if she was, of course, I'll be very impressed, but until then, shut up. Marcos asks if she thinks he could get into art school, and holds up that turtle you see on late-night TV after Sally Struthers has finished offering classes in gun repair. Veronica's upset, and we look out the window to see a cool CGI shot of the bus falling toward the rocks. Marcos's cell phone rings, and he holds it out to Veronica. "It's for you." She takes it. In the back, Rhonda is leaving her message for Michele -- well away from her bag, which is sitting next to Veronica with the bomb in it. (Doesn't it seem like, though, that to absolutely guarantee the bomb being close enough to the driver to kill him, a necessary component of the plan, someone on the bus might have been complicit here? Just a thought.) Veronica stares at it in horror, and then she jumps as the phone rings again. Considering the caller ID presumably says "UGLY DEATH," I don't blame her for not answering it into the closing credits. Also, awesome, creepy ending, which will probably unfortunately be completely unaddressed next week.

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