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In the hallway, Angie proudly holds her egg trophy (hee) as some friend of hers asks if she's ready for Miss Murphy's (think nasal-voiced teacher) Crime And Punishment exam, and she says no, since she was up all night working on the egg protector, but that she'll be fine because of her GAD exemption. Down the hall, Veronica is still listening to Krunk while not looking where she's going, causing her to bump into Logan. He notes the bags under her eyes and mildly says she looks like Steve Buscemi. Veronica snits that Logan is such a catch: "How has Hannah been able to keep away?" Well, booking Split Decision might have had something to do with it (and congrats to her and Alona Tal). Logan crawls away like a wounded puppy, and I'm not saying that wasn't a little mean from Veronica, but Logan's given her a lot worse for a lot less reason in the continuing dance of their relationship, so just because Veronica has a better taking-to-dishing-out ratio isn't any reason to string her up here. Anyway, Wallace, who's quickly become attuned to his new crush's scent and as such has witnessed most of this scene, smilingly tells Veronica that maybe she should cut Logan a break sometimes. Veronica, awesomely, looks after Logan and then back to Wallace, COMPLETELY mystified, and what really kills me is that Wallace totally knew that would happen and is enjoying it immensely. Wallace smugly strides away, and Veronica puts her headphones back on and resolves to watch where she's going so she doesn't step through the looking glass again.

Clemmons announces over the PA that the GAD dispensations are being revoked forthwith, but Ms. Murphy doesn't even wait for him to finish talking before she slaps the exam down in front of a magazine-reading Angie. Well, Angie, Stanford called, and they said you can have your pick between the lacrosse and the hockey team. Hey, college is expensive.

Veronica's falling asleep in Mr. Wu's class when he snaps at her to put a problem up on the board. She wearily heads to the front and starts writing, but falls into a dream...

...and a spattered-jeans-wearing Cervando (guess he really is never taking them off) is asking how she got home the day of the crash. When she tells him, "Weevil," he opines that it's weird how the bomb killed Driver Ed, but not any of the students. It was the crash onto the rocks that got most of them, and Cervando says he even made it through that, but then drowned. Which makes it awfully hard to imagine how Meg could have survived, but since this is just Veronica's unconscious talking, this whole statement may not be accurate. Cervando starts drawing on the window, making the point that anyone who wanted only to take out the driver could have detonated the bomb at any point, but for him or her to do it in a place that would send the bus over the cliff, he or she would have had to be in sight of it. Veronica breathes that Cervando thinks it was Weevil, and he replies, "I am God." Music kicks up, and we're in the classroom, as Veronica realizes that she's written "I AM GOD" on the blackboard, and all the students are laughing at her. Except that was all a dream, as she wakes up with a start. The song is still playing over the Krunk broadcast, though, and you can hear the lyric "I am God," giving Veronica a moment of realization. She pops up and heads over to a computer, and quickly learns that "I am God" is a song by "The Wannabes," and what's more, the Grim Reaper illustration with the nine tombstones belongs to them. I can't imagine that many teenagers have ever wished their parents listened to more hardcore music, but Veronica is now one of them...

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