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...and then we're on the bus, as a popular club remix plays, and Peter asks Veronica if she believes Wu. She says yes, and agrees with my point about Wu not being significant enough to qualify for "the outing of all outings" anyway. Peter snarks that Veronica doesn't know him just because of his postings, but Veronica demurs, saying that she knows him like the back of her...she holds up her hand to see Curly's "Veronica Mars" on her palm. Nice and creepy, there. Peter says that Veronica should consider the question of why Peter was even on the bus: "Why would I even be interested in going to a baseball stadium?" Well, kiddo, I could point out that many gay men, including me, like baseball just fine, but in your case, it's probably a stronger point to note that Terrence Cook up close and personal is finer than most things you'll see in an average week. I wonder if the nurses are fighting over who gets to change his bandages. Veronica mulls over Peter's words into the last commercial break.

Neptune High. Veronica, sporting a lunch tray and iPod, heads for a table outside as VMVO tells us that Cervando (surname Luna, apparently not "Perez," as said here) had a 3.8 GPA but was in trouble a lot, and got in trouble in summer school for pushing Beaver against a wall and threatening him. Do they give advanced courses in summer school? I guess, given the Babbling Bimbo's assessment of Cervando, that seems reasonable -- certainly more so than a dude with a 3.8 average and a seeming overachiever like Beaver (he's studying as I speak) having failed a class. I'll go with it, so don't email me. Veronica sits down with a genial "Busy Beaver, always working." I guess Mac forgot to tell her about the friendial obligation. (Of course, Beaver looked so heartbreakingly damaged in the scene outside the dance in the last episode that it's hard to be pissed at him, but Veronica presumably doesn't know about that.) Veronica asks about the incident...

...and Beaver flashes back to himself sitting in a classroom watching Cervando, who just happens to be bragging to a couple of guys about how he suckered Liam Fitzpatrick and his cousin out of a bunch of money in a pool game. Of course, that's the same hustle that was the subject of the anonymous call pinning the bus crash on Curly in the last episode. Anyway, Cervando shows off his new two-hundred-dollar jeans and says he's never taking them off, until Dick appears in the doorway and squirts Cervando with some liquid from a water gun. Ah, Dick. It must take a lot of effort to be in school twelve months a year and never learn a thing.

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