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Java The Hut. A nice-looking woman is telling Keith that she was totally one of the people who lambasted him for going after Jake Kane, but that she felt horrible when she found out what really happened, and made a point of going out in the recent local election just to vote for him. Keith jokes that he carried the pity vote, but that's obviously true, because playing on people's sympathies is about as alien to Lamb as...well, the concept of people's sympathies. Also, Keith has changed his blue shirt to a red one, and if my read earlier had any validity, this bodes well for his prospects here. Keith asks about the woman, and she says she's dull -- just the office manager for a local doctor. Well, at least she'll be organized when it comes time to file for unemployment. Keith makes another hilarious face as he says he'd love to hear about it.

Neptune High. VMVO tells us that Peter's postings disclosed that he had "yellow fever" and was hot for a certain teacher, and that there was an unspecified incident in his permanent file involving Mr. Wu. "Can't help but [sic] wonder if teacher decided to take a pet." Veronica hits up Mr. Wu for money for the yearbook tribute, saying that she was a friend of Peter's, but then gets right into it, asking if Wu misses Peter. Wu: "As a bright, dedicated student, yes. In the way I think you're implying? No." Veronica isn't convinced, and brings up the whole "outing of all outings" business, about which I should point out two things: (1) a random public-school teacher hardly qualifies for that; and (2) it's become a common enough saying that it by no means has to refer to homosexuality. You might even call it a versatile expression. Wu takes Veronica on, saying that when she gets a bit more life experience, she'll realize that "not all well-dressed, articulate, detail-oriented men are gay. Many of them are just...Asian." See, Veronica, growing up isn't about shedding stereotypes. It's about knowing which ones to use at what time. Also, Wu is funny. He says that he was aware of Peter's feelings for him, since Peter confessed them when they ran into each other at "Possibilities," a gay bar at which Wu's cousin was having a birthday party. I wonder if the name of the bar inspired Wu to introduce Peter to his cousin. On a teacher's salary, getting creative with the birthday presents would be understandable. Anyway, Wu told Clemmons about the incident, which is why it's in the file. Veronica apologizes and says that it's none of her business, like, nice to say that after you forced this uncomfortable confrontation, but turns back to ask if Peter had any hobbies, like drawing or painting. Wu quizzically says that he thought Veronica was Peter's friend, and Veronica takes that cue to make as graceful an exit as the situation will now allow, which I'm surprised to see doesn't involve bashing her nose on the door frame while slipping on a banana peel...

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