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And speaking of indigestion, Veronica arrives home to find Keith serving chili. He tells her that the run of the financial records revealed that none of the families got money off insurance, but that Rhonda's family won a two-million-dollar payout from...The Woodman. DUN! He adds that "Woody's Burgers" paid the money in secret. He sets down the chili: "Apparently the mom found a finger in her Ribwich." That wouldn't have slowed down Homer Simpson any, but Veronica's spoon stops in midair, and I giggle myself into the commercial break.

Veronica sneaks into Clemmons's office using her duplicate purloined key as VMVO tells us that it's lunch hour in the administration office. She adds that it's a long shot that any of the crash victims will have anything useful in his or her permanent file, but she's already waited fifteen episodes to take this step since she concluded that the bus crash was meant for her, and waiting sixteen would just be plain stupid. Anyway, Veronica conveniently finds all the crash victims' folders in the same plastic envelope, but we barely have time to see that Rhonda's surname is "Landers" before we hear a key in the lock. Veronica gasps and runs for the closet just ahead of Clemmons and Keith entering the room. Keith is saying that Veronica won't let him buy nice sunglasses because he'll lose them, and I hope Clemmons doesn't keep his office too cool, because then the heat coming off Veronica's ears will all too likely give her away. Keith says that he's slowly making headway on "the case," and Clemmons says that the school has had three more cases this week of "Generalized Anxiety Disorder," all coming from the same doctor. He adds that the faculty is being forced to give the students who claim to have this problem deadline extensions and makeup exams at the students' discretion. Those poor teachers. If I had kids crying wolf every time I tried to give out an assignment, my anxiety would go through the roof, although there would be nothing general about the way it manifested itself. Keith says that he hopes to have something for Clemmons soon, and then goes to get his coat. He gives a hilariously wide-eyed look when he sees Veronica nestled sheepishly among the coats, and when she hands one of them over, he's all, "Yup! That's mine, all right." Hee. It doesn't seem like he's inclined to help Veronica out of her jam here, though, so I hope for her sake that Clemmons keeps himself well hydrated.

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