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...for about three seconds, as Veronica and bitchy Angie are sitting in Clemmons's office. He informs them that they're the only two remaining in the running for the Kane Scholarship, but there was an error in the GPA calculations. Veronica is all, "Error? What kind of error?" in a voice that suggests this "Error" is some sort of being that date-raped her, killed her best friend, and caused her mom to run away. Just as an abstract example. Clemmons clarifies that Angie got an A in a college-level course she took called "Summer at Sea," and was mistakenly credited with a four-point A instead of a five-point A. So she is the new leader, and a gracious one at that, as she snarks that Veronica could have taken the class, as it was open to anyone. Veronica counters by asking how much the course set Angie back, and she smarms, "How should I know?" Veronica looks at Clemmons all, "Can you believe these rich kids?" and we cut out before we see Clemmons's answering stare of "Talk to me in twenty-five years, kid."

BSK! is telling Veronica that Angie isn't so bad. Veronica: "She's a demon spawn." And yet she turned Dick down. BSK! lets Veronica bitch about those evil rich kids for a while instead of Googling "Stanford student loans" and coming up with 1,820 results. But I guess there's no place for those in the life of a girl who's used to working two jobs and getting top grades while still managing to have an active social life. Not if she wants time for really challenging things like solving mass murders and outwitting the FBI -- oh, wait. Seriously, is it me? Anyway, BSK! steers Veronica back to her dreams, and Veronica admits that she's no closer to any answers, but smiles as she says that the silver lining right now is that Keith seems happy. At BSK!'s blank stare, Veronica clarifies that she's glad BSK! and Keith are back in touch, which BSK! flatly denies. Veronica looks at her, all, "I'm cool with the icky grownup sex now, really." I'd doubt her, except I think anyone who can evenly deliver "Dad, your hooker's here" has indubitably developed an adult level of laissez-faire.

Neptune High. In the hallway, Veronica is pedebitching at Wallace about Angie, who's in sunny "Get over it" mode, and then they reach crazy Michele's shrine, at which they see pictures of the victims taped onto a banner with the angelic school bus, complete with "We'll Never Forget." Well, that may be technically true, but given how scattered the bus-crash references have been throughout the season, the show hasn't been helping "our" memory along any. Wallace exposits that Rhonda and her sister "Natalie" were in Clemmons's office all the time: "Huffing paint, stealing, fighting -- anything to reinforce the PWT stereotype." I'm getting more and more impressed with Veronica's grade-point feats this season. Because given the number of prolific students in the school with whom Veronica is completely unaware, Neptune High must have an enrollment of about ten thousand. Also difficult to believe is that Veronica can't figure out that "PWT" stands for "Poor White Trash," but maybe she's still blocking out anything that reminds her of her mom. Veronica asks Wallace if he can point Natalie out to her after school. Wallace: "What else am I gonna do?" Take up a late-spring sport?

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