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We're Not Kidding, Show Killer. Back!
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Many thanks to Jacob for brilliantly covering for me last week, and to Wing Chun for her epic recaplet for this episode. Man, you step out for a week with this show, you come back feeling like you've been Eternal-ly Sunshine-d. Which, I admit would have its upside -- I'd miss my fond memories of Vegas and the Napa Valley, but at least I no longer would have to relive the horror of flying Delta.

After a short bit of previouslies, we fade up on a drawing of a Grim Reaper-like character grinning over nine unmarked tombstones. In a dream sequence on the school bus, we see a devastated-looking Veronica watching Meg, and a boy and girl we don't know yet, but are presumably victims of the crash. Either that, or they're really deficient in spectral etiquette. The non-Veronica kids are sopping wet, and the girl we don't know is wearing a shirt that says "I [heart symbol] Dick." Believe it or not, the message is significant, and I'd accuse the writers of making up plot points to get things past the censors if experience hadn't shown that that much work really isn't required.

Veronica's eyes open, and a teacher bids her good morning and informs her that the school counselor would like to see her. Veronica heads off... see Miss James, a.k.a Paula Marshall, whom longtime readers will remember I dubbed "Back, Show Killer!" in an attempt to prevent Veronica Mars from becoming another notch on her gun, so to speak. I did promise that I'd drop the nickname should she show up again, but since the show is on the bubble once more, I'm breaking that vow. Hey, the writers may think Fate is just someone you poke with a stick when you're bored, but I'm just not that freewheeling when it comes to this show. Anyway, BSK! informs us that the teacher, "Mrs. Taft," has reprimanded Veronica multiple times for wearing headphones in class. Veronica: "She's reading The Golden Bowl. Aloud. With a fake English accent." BSK! chuckles to herself like that's the third time she's heard that this week, and I do hope this show gets picked up again, because I really do like her, and people who see me performing anti-hex rituals whenever she appears on screen are starting to get the wrong idea. BSK! goes on to say that Veronica was caught ripping down another student's poster. Veronica: "Am I being followed?" Heh. BSK! says that the student who put up the posters would like them back, and Veronica's face flickers with recognition as BSK! asks her if there's anything she'd like to talk about. Veronica says that there is, and BSK! must really be devoted to her job to refrain from immediately speeding off to buy a lottery ticket.

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