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Mars Investigations. Veronica is quizzing Weevil in math. I don't distinguish which high-school level of math it is because it's about a fourth-grade problem. I have no issue with thinking that Weevil's in remedial math, just because I think the number of classes he attends can be represented by about the only calculus concept I still remember, which is "limit approaches zero." But given my strong feeling that Weevil understands somewhat advanced gambling concepts like vig and odds and other forms of probability, I'm not sure I buy him needing help with a simple multiplication problem, be it couched in percentages or not. Also, speaking of odds, it's too bad Weevil's a suspect and therefore not an objective source, or I'd get him to handicap a "Who Killed Lilly Kane" betting pool. Considering how active the forums are, I bet I could retire off the vig from that. Weevil asks for a pencil, and then mentions that he heard Duncan took off. Veronica bristles a bit and confirms that, and Weevil tells her that "the word" is that he left because Veronica accused him of killing Lilly. Given that Meg didn't seem to suspect that, the only people who it seems could be spreading the "word" are Logan and Weevil himself. Perhaps they decided together. It's worth noting here, though, that Weevil drops his trademark swagger for this exchange. The implication, for me, is that Weevil knows or at least suspects that Veronica is aware of his relationship with Lilly. Veronica denies responsibility for Duncan leaving, but Weevil does note that Veronica must not think that Koontz is the killer. Veronica's spared having to answer that when Keith enters and greets her. He addresses Weevil as "Eli," and Weevil answers with a respectful "Sheriff." Aw. Despite that little butter-up, Keith maintains a stony silence, and Weevil catches the snap and takes off. You'd think Keith would have more of a rapport with a guy who's sporting less hair on his head than he is. But no, Keith asks if he needs to recap his "concerned dad lectures." Well, as the professional here, I'm going to have to vote for giving that one a miss. Veronica says she's returning a favor, but Keith pointedly suggests she and Weevil call it even. Sorry, Keith, but she's got a lot more tutoring to do before their favor account balances. Perhaps when Weevil graduates from Oxford, they can talk. Hee hee. Weevil at Oxford. "Cheers for the diploma, guvnah! Fancy nipping off to the local pub and hoisting a quick pint in the spirit of celebration?" Veronica says she'll be at home, "with the only sane member of the Mars family." Keith: "The one who eats from the garbage and keeps bringing me dead birds?" I hope he's talking about Backup 2.0, because if that's what rehab did for Lianne, Veronica's got a case for a full refund.

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