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Before I start, I'd just like to congratulate everyone involved with the show on airing the fiftieth episode of Veronica Mars. Remember those days when we used to sweat every little bit of ratings news that came over the wire? Days like "yesterday" and "last Thursday"? Good thing that's a thing of the past. Also, I'm happy to give this episode the first "A" grade I've handed out in quite some time. Maybe I'm just in a good mood this week. Can't imagine why.

We fade in on the exterior of Dean Ed's office as he's steamrolling Claire's feeble attempts to explain why she faked her rape. Waiting on a bench in the anteroom, Nish glumly asks Veronica if this is what she wanted. Veronica can't believe the question, but if I were her, I'd ask why the hell Claire even exposed herself to the photo or left any kind of trail at all. If she wanted to implicate the Pi Sigs, why didn't she just disappear after the rat-trap incident instead of parading around in front of an ATM camera? Her whole plan seems kind of murky to me. Maybe she didn't expect that she'd be photographed, and maybe she wanted people to see her acting like she'd been roofied, but...the potential costs far outweigh the benefits, it seems to me. I mean, she runs into one person who knows her and isn't in on the plan, he or she insists on taking her home, and the game's up, right? I hope the plan is made clearer at some point. However, given that Dean Ed punts Claire out of Hearst so high and hard that I'm surprised he's not the football team's current placekicker, I'm not holding my breath.

Nish and Veronica have entered the office for this part, and Dean Ed, holding a copy of Veronica's "story" (it seems she typed up her findings and submitted them to Nish, which, for revenge's sake, I could certainly see her doing) rounds on Nish, asking why the story didn't appear in the paper. Nish says that she felt she had a responsibility to tread lightly around the rape issue, because"it [was] a powder keg out there." I guess she was worried that forever was gonna start tonight. Dean Ed acidly points out that Nish wasn't so worried about caution when she implicated the Pi Sigs: "You're supposed to at least pretend to be objective." In fairness to Nish, Dean Ed, that's not always as easy as it sounds. Dean Ed summarily informs Nish that she's no longer the editor of the paper. Nish thinks since it's a student publication, such a decision is outside his purview, but he's basically like, "Purview this, sweetheart." Nish tells him that he'll regret his actions, and on her way out, intones to Veronica, "And so will you." Veronica somehow refrains from suggesting that Nish write a nasty piece about her in the local supermarket shopper's guide.

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