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Before I start, I'd like to mention that, last season, I came up with the acronym "NVMVO" (the "N" standing for "Network") to describe some of the voice-overs that UPN caringly insists on putting in to help along the short-bus viewers of this show. Of course, up until now, I've had to speculate about which voice-overs actually do come from the network. But this week, I've brokered a one-time-only deal by which I've procured a copy of the network notes, so we can all see for ourselves how much UPN wants to nurture its audience. The bad news is that in return, they're giving me notes on my recap. But really, how intrusive can they be? Network Note: Not very. We only tell you the things that we think are absolutely necessary. Oh, you were being rhetorical. Well, carry on, then.

Lots of previouslies, including the whole Felix murder, which seems tangential at best to the action this week. NN: Murder is sexy. Show that "previously" every week. Also, look up "tangential."

We open at the Hut, on a close-up of Veronica examining all the baked goods inside the glass counter. She takes out a pie filled with some sort of fruit as VMVO asks, "If a school bus traveling forty miles per hour drives off a cliff and plunges ninety feet into the jagged coastline..." Cool, a math problem! I was good at these in high school! She finishes, " many seconds do the six high-school students, their teacher, and [the] bus driver have to contemplate the fact that they're about to die?" Well, geez. I don't remember word problems being quite such a buzzkill. Veronica hands a piece of the pie off to another employee as VMVO tells us that one person survived. Duncan appears, wearing an argyle collared shirt, Veronica asks him how Meg is, and Duncan tells her that Meg's unconscious but "hanging in there." Veronica tells her co-worker (not the Perky Girl from last week) that she's going to take her break now, and leads Duncan behind an unmanned counter as he tells her she has to stop torturing herself. Yes, because if the Lilly murder investigation taught us anything, it's that Veronica is quick to let things go. Also, Duncan has been so cavalier about Meg in general that I'm not sure I believe he would even have gone to the hospital. Veronica says that her degree of guilt is appropriate, since Meg would have been in the limo if not for her. Also, apparently Meg is on artificial respiration, so she won't be on the sidelines yelling for any fall-season sports teams to get their heads out of their asses. Just to address the Meg thing now, many people on the boards felt it was cheap that the one person we know and care about on the bus survived the crash. I can understand that viewpoint, but on the flipside, you could say that having the person Veronica knows and feels responsible for be in a coma indefinitely is crueler. It's not like Meg opened an umbrella and Mary Poppinsed her way to safety. Although I can see that mental image. But it's not as easy as burying Meg, grieving, and moving on. She's going to linger, which will be a constant source of hurt. Of course, it seems likely enough that Meg will wake up with some information about the crash at some point later in the season, which, assuming Veronica gets to talk to her, could set up some very emotionally resonant scenes. But there's no guarantee Meg will live even though she didn't die in the crash, and honestly, I think she probably will die, so maybe they're holding back that payoff for later in the season. I think I'm fine with this plotline, as long as they don't go the amnesia route. Jessica's the Melrose Place recapper around here. NN: When Meg wakes up for February sweeps, have her rip her hair off.

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