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First off, I'd just like to say how much fun the Austin Marsathon was, and how great it was to meet so many people from the boards. There were people there whose handles I was familiar with even before I started writing for TWoP, so it was really cool to put faces and real names to those monikers. All credit to the Alamo Drafthouse for running the event so smoothly, to Rob Thomas for putting together some great clips, and to everyone on the panel (Rob, Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, and Michael Muhney) for doing such an entertaining Q&A and also signing autographs for and taking pictures with every last person there.

Now, if you know the agenda of the event, you're aware that they showed this episode as the feature presentation, so Wednesday night wasn't my first viewing. But what you don't know is that my exposure to this episode goes back quite a bit further. You see, back in September, I had occasion to visit L.A. on business, and I was able to take Rob up on an invitation to meet him and the other writers. At the end of that visit, he invited me to see the set the next time I was in town. Business again took me out there in November, and I was able to duck down to San Diego for a quick trip during the filming of this episode, which you probably know marks Rob's directorial debut. And I have to say, everyone I've met who works on this show in both L.A. and San Diego is funny and down-to-earth and kind of just plain awesome. In one sense, it seems like a no-brainer to be nice to someone who critiques your show, but in another sense it's...not, at all, so thanks for showing me a great time. Special shout-outs go to Dan Etheridge, for rocking like Dokken; Rick Pickett, who's a great designer and, I just found out, went to Princeton, my alma mater; and Venita Ozols-Graham, for insisting on putting me on tape despite my better judgment. Oh, we'll get to that.

On a somewhat less fun note, I should say that opinions of this episode were rather bitterly divided on the boards. I really enjoyed it when I watched it in Austin, but I have to admit on closer examination that there were quite a few problems, although I don't think they were as serious as some people did. Maybe it's partially because I've already gotten my "Duncan sucks" rant and my "What bus crash?" rant out of my system recently. Or maybe I've just totally lost any objectivity because people on the show have been so nice to me. Hey, I'm just trying to save people the trouble of sending me hate mail. I don't like anyone to put himself out unnecessarily. Anyway, I'm going to recap the episode as if I don't know the twist, and explain what worked for me and what didn't afterward.

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