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My Very Pretty Pony it's no surprise that we cut to him chugging a beer at what's probably the party the radio caller mentioned earlier. Dick has found his way there, and is impressed with the laundry list of female stars Desmond has seemingly boned -- including Drew Barrymore, Rose McGowan, and Jennifer Love Hewitt, twice. Of course, if you consider the theory that when you sleep with someone, you're sleeping with everyone he or she has ever slept with, that list seems waaaay scary. I mean, just choosing between Tom Green and Marilyn Manson would bring "Death Is Not An Option" to a whole new level. Dick, however, is all kinds of impressed, but then asks, "Who are you?" Hee.

Piz returns to the room, guitar in hand, to find Desmond gone. The Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes Of Unbridled Earnestness On Loan From Darling Sammy look like they might cry.

In the sparsely-populated cafeteria, Wallace is asking Veronica how she's dealing with helping Piz. Two Wallace-Veronica scenes in the first three acts? This makes me nervous that Percy Daggs is next on the list for a baseball bat to the cranium. Don't smell bread, Percy! Wallace then gives her shit about Piz's "puppy-dog eyes," and I swear I didn't remember that when I made my joke, but it makes my theory of a planned crossover a lot more credible. Veronica confesses that it's weird that Piz is acting so normal, which Wallace only-half-jokingly opines is about her ego, and when Veronica tries to get off the subject, he keeps giving her shit until she threatens to taser him, and he laughs. Not sure why.

Mac has finished, and tells Logan that the site is modular -- he can sub in "boobs, legs, kittens, whatever." Logan asks a question about income models, and Mac admits that's not her forte, but says she knows someone who can help. Logan asks if she can call this someone, and Mac, if you're so torn about calling him that you have to stare at Logan for five thousand years, maybe YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BROUGHT HIM UP IN THE FIRST PLACE. But she calls, and gets through.

Piz shows up at the party, and Desmond, who's now fully holding court, excitedly makes a couple more incorrect stabs at his name before yelling, "Dude! You're in time!" Promo-style, he announces that they're going skinny-dipping, to appreciative hoots from the crowd. Which is understandable, again because of the PAUL RUDD! Nevertheless, the Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes Of Diminishing Earnestness On Loan From Darling Sammy close in frustration.

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