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My Very Pretty Pony

Outside, Veronica says she believes Grace, and then, on the bulletin board, she and Piz spy a flyer advertising an emergency meeting of Semites For The Savior to "STOP DESMOND FELLOWS." Don't post in all-caps, please. Piz and Veronica exchange a "Let's crash a Jewish rally" look. Odd choice for a date, but I'm guessing Piz will take it.

We pan across several cans of what's presumably Red Bull and a jar of licorice, and then we see Logan and Mac discussing ideas as Dick sits blankly. And I know the show addressed the fact of Logan and Mac being friends now, but given that the last time I remember Dick and Mac together was the time he said she was his brother's beard, I'd think they might be holding this little brainstorming session elsewhere. It's not like this set isn't getting enough of a workout this episode as it is. Dick suggests not putting the best asses at the top of the page. "Let people hunt for 'em." Well, it is likely enough that they will in fact do that. Mac asks Logan what Dick's role is in the project, and Dick says that he's a consultant, and an ass expert. Logan: "Yes. Except for the 'expert' part." Hee. Dick goes off on a long, convoluted, and nonsensical analogy about lions and gerbils, and he's of course hilarious as always to listen to, but the blank stares he receives from Logan and Mac are enough to spur him to go seek out a party.

In the "other room" of the Grand, Desmond is halfheartedly plinking away at an electronic keyboard as a news show plays in the background. Piz returns with the bad news that the "groupie" didn't take the tapes. He starts to say they have some other leads, but his attention is drawn to Desmond's playing. Desmond makes up some lyrics about finding the tapes, and just to get this out of the way, it's actually PAUL RUDD! singing, which is awesome. Piz, for his part, looks like he just became familiar with man-love. And he was one of the last holdouts on this show, too. Desmond says it's party time, but Piz wants to know more about what Desmond was playing. PAUL RUDD! does a nice bit of business where he subtly wants to talk about it, but just for a moment, and then he tries to put Piz off by asking whether he should dress "indie rock" or "rock rock," and when Piz abstains, he chooses the latter, saying that bad guys get the chicks. "I mean, look at you -- you're single and you're very nice, Pez [hee]. There's a correlation." Piz asks if Desmond still writes stuff, but Desmond tells him that he doesn't bother, because people only want to hear the old hits. The conversation continues in this vein for a while, with Piz shining earnestness all over the place and Desmond doing his best not to get any on himself, until Piz tells Desmond that the party's going to be lame, and they should just stay in and work on the song. Desmond turns to look at Piz, and that just so happens to be a mistake, as the CW has perpetrated an unadvertised crossover with Supernatural this week that's resulted in Piz having temporary custody of Darling Sammy's Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes (tm Demian) Of Unbridled Earnestness. Anything for synergy, I guess. Desmond tries to resist by saying that his stuff is locked up in the club, but Piz, aided by the Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes Of Unbridled Earnestness On Loan From Darling Sammy tells him he has a guitar in his room. Desmond is forced to submit, and Piz says he'll be back in fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, when he's gone, the newscaster does a segment on My Pretty Pony (saying they've been in the "Where Are They Now" file, and if that's an homage to This Is Spinal Tap, that's awesome), and we see a clip of the "band" playing, supposedly from ten years ago or so, in which PAUL RUDD! is rocking out while wearing a preposterous Bo Bicean wig. Hilariously, Johnny Scopes is played by show creator Rob Thomas, who is wearing an even more preposterous wig. If PAUL RUDD!'S wig is roughly Bo Bice-on-AI, Rob Thomas's is Bo Bice living in the woods and existing solely on a diet of chipmunks and moonshine. Desmond looks nostalgic and upset...

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