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Cut to Piz and Desmond coming out of the booth, and Piz having to tell his boss about the missing backing tapes. She's not pleased, but Desmond tells "Plax" to come on, as he's missing Night Court. Hee.

Keith comes out of his office to see that ex-Deputy Leo (WOO!) is waiting to talk to him. They shake hands...

...and then we cut to them back in Keith's office, as Leo tells Keith that he's been working security at "Sport House," and lately, he's noticed that one of the stock guys has been acting shifty -- using the pay phone across the street, taking photos of the premises, actually doing a full day's work for a full day's pay, that sort of thing. Leo goes on that he then noticed a new name on the cleaning crew roster -- Danny Boyd. When Leo relayed his concerns to his supervisor, he got switched to a new shift. Keith is intrigued, and says he knows a judge who will order a tap on Boyd's phone. I'm guessing he won't be hearing the most scintillating discourse, but that's hardly my problem, is it?

Veronica and Piz are walking together on campus as she wonders how Desmond, seemingly such a shallow douchebag, wrote all those great songs. Geez, Veronica, you're like a walking Wikipedia with the pop-culture knowledge, and you've never heard of Oasis? Piz says Desmond wrote all the good songs, and he must just be tired. They enter a classroom to find two dorks, who say they have class in five minutes. Veronica shows them the Chinese character, and they have a nerdy discussion about what the symbol means, while in the background, the female teacher walks in. They finally work out that the character means "grace," causing the teacher to turn around -- revealing herself to be the woman who was in Desmond's bed. Does anyone know the Chinese character for "busted"?

Back from the break, Grace is explaining that she was a huge fan of the band, and she wasn't always a "boring associate professor of Chinese. I was once...rather wild." Piz points out that perhaps she still is, as she climbed down from the room above on a sheet. Given how embarrassing the situation turned out for her, I'm surprised she didn't make her exit in the same way. Veronica says they're not "the 'wild patrol'" (hee) but they need Desmond's stuff back. When Grace denies having taken the contents of his bag, however, Veronica shifts into fake-desperation mode, saying that retrieving the medication in the bag is a life-or-death situation for Desmond. Grace gets into a state of restrained panic, as she says she'll cancel her class and call her doctor. "What's he missing?" Not much, given that he's PAUL RUDD!

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