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Mac and Bronson return to Mac's room as Bronson tells her, "You did good for your first time. Next time it'll be easier." Oh, Bronson, all guys say that. All guys, and Summer Roberts. Well, she was more of a man than most guys, anyway. But they're actually talking about Ultimate Frisbee, and Mac says she's going to kill the inventor of the game. A reader helpfully e-mailed me to say that that's a shout-out to Joel Silver, the famous executive producer of this show, as he's credited with co-inventing the game. I just got a leg up if I ever have to participate in a Veronica-themed trivia-off. I still wouldn't take myself against the forum field, though. The phone rings, and Mac answers and tells Logan that Parker's not there, but then is like, "Me?"

Cut to Mac saying, " ass?" You'll have to turn around. No, it's Logan's idea for a "lowest common denominator" website with a "simple interactive element." I think I may have registered, "seen" one or two of those in my day. He says it's an easy job for her, and he'll pay, but it's due Monday morning. I sure hope we get to meet this "Monday" we've been hearing so much about! Mac says she'll need Red Bull and licorice, and Logan accepts her terms.

Piz is hosting a radio call-in show with an ever-drunk Desmond as his guest. Piz plugs "Wrigley's Extra Gum," and I may be half in the bag myself, but I think that's clever, wrapping the product placement up in fictional product placement. A caller gushes about how great Desmond is, but our Desmond (that would have been a better name had he actually been English) realizes with the aid of the big window that she's calling from the cafeteria, and asks her to show him "those big old..." at which point Piz, with both hands and a foot understandably on the switch, cuts Desmond off before he has to organize another benefit. That doesn't stop Desmond from visually suggesting that the girl do a Mardi Gras-style top lift. Dude, you've at least got to promise her some beads or something. The next caller accuses Desmond of "scroung[ing] money off the memory of [his] dead partner." I've never heard of such a thing, and I'm sure the members of INXS and TLC haven't either. The next call is from someone representing a group called "Semites For The Savior," and if that's a slam on Jews For Jesus, I can't say I disapprove. Desmond ironically notes that the Jewish group's initials are "S.S." (prompting an "Oh, God" from Piz, which was probably echoed by those who don't believe in Our Lord and those who do alike) and then admits that the show is going to be canceled. He takes another call, which gives him the location of a party that night, and I'm not clear how campus security isn't going to bust that one before they tap their first keg. I mean, I've heard of hiding in plain sight, but that's ridiculous.

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