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Piz is giving the quick-and-dirty version of the case to Veronica as they enter the room, and Desmond complains to "Pus" (okay, hee) about how there's only one bottle of booze left and it's a type he won't touch, but he abruptly and smoothly shifts gears with a "Hey, is that your girlfriend?" when he looks up and sees Veronica. Heh. Veronica chooses to ignore the distinct Eau de Dick Casablancas coming off of Desmond as she tells him she's a big fan. Desmond opines that she's just using Piz to get to him: "Mercenary. Like it." He starts to invite her to "hang out" backstage after the show, but Piz cuts in that she's going to help them find the tapes. His interruption was probably fueled by equal parts concern for Veronica and fear of the concert venue taking their security deposit. Desmond has them sit down to look at his computer, and it's a subtle but hilarious touch that he starts swigging the booze that he vowed not a minute ago not to drink. Hee. He shows them a picture of a blonde woman, saying he got confused because she and Leopard Print have similar online handles, and tells them he doesn't have any pictures of the woman that was in his room. Well, you could try sending her an apology, but I'm not sure I trust your ability to type at the moment. Then, awesomely: "Anyone ever tell you you look like a feisty young Barbara Eden?" Don't get Demian started. Veronica's bemused look is topped by her declaration that she's "eleven" when Desmond asks how old she is. She pulls up the records of Desmond's IM conversations as Desmond says it's a shame Leopard Print is so old, because she seemed cool. That reminds me that PAUL RUDD! and I worked out at the same gym for a few months when he was in New York doing a play, which was only A DECADE AGO or so. Sigh. Veronica notices that the woman signed off with a Chinese character, and Piz pipes up that he knows a couple guys who are taking Chinese, so he can ask them for a translation. Veronica learns that there was medication in the bag as well, and asks what Desmond was taking it for. Desmond shrugs and lets his defenses down as he answers, "Life." Nice finesse by PAUL RUDD! there on that pitfall of a line. Veronica looks somewhat intrigued.

Logan feys his way over to the couch (seriously, I thought he was going to up and float away for a second), flops down, and complains to Dick about the business plan he has to come up with. Dick, however, is too busy uploading a file to some site called "" to care, and he shows Logan a vid of him titled "Hyphy Goes Cracker" (hee) starting with a yellow sporty car rolling slowly, then Dick getting out of it and getting his dance on in a way that calls to mind a pretty bad word that rhymes with a really bad word. He then somehow manages to get his foot run over, and Logan looks down to see that two of Dick's toes are badly bruised and taped together. He asks if Dick really ran over his own foot. Dick: "Yeah! Which is why I think I have a real shot at the top of the charts." Hee, again. Still, Dick, there are some fucked-up things out there on the internet, and I think you would have had to run over your little namesake to have a real chance. Logan gets An Idea as he looks at the stat showing the number of people who have visited the site.

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