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Mac and Veronica are in front of the cafeteria counter, and Mac is severely waffling between two lunch options. It may seem somewhat anvilicious, but in her defense, it's probably not that often she's offered more than one vegetarian option at a time. Veronica orders two vegetable lasagnas for them and tells Mac that she's demonstrating symbolism -- as she puts it, "The Bronson parmigiana is good for me, but ooh! The Max-iccini looks awfully tempting!" Hee. Mac says it's not her fault that Max won't stop calling her, and besides, Veronica's just as bad with Logan and Piz. She starts to explain that Logan is the fettuccini, when Veronica's phone rings. "It's the eggplant." PAUL RUDD! is of course awesome in this episode, but it's just possible that that's the line of the night.

Veronica answers, and she decides to suck things up, saying she thinks they should file the party away for now and just be friends. Piz, forgivably for more than one reason, is not particularly impressed, and says that he's aware of that, but he's calling for help with a "case thing." Well, you're already clear on how Veronica's foot ended up lodged in her trachea, so what else have you got?

In the Neptune Grand lobby, Veronica is waiting for the elevator, and when it opens, she and Logan push past each other before stopping in mutual recognition. They share a reasonably comfortable hello, but Veronica has nothing beyond that to say, so she pushes the button. Logan, however, hops on with her just ahead of the doors closing. The vibe goes from zero to awkward rather quickly, and Logan gets to his point, which is to ask Veronica if there was anything going on between her and Piz when she stayed in his and Wallace's room. He certainly has neither the call nor the right to ask this, nor should he even care at this point, but Veronica takes pity on him and tells him no; it was just a place to stay. However, just at that moment, the doors open, and a nervous Piz is like, "Oh, thank God." Throw in Don Knotts and you've got the makings of a Three's Company episode right here. Veronica gets off the elevator, because what else are you going to do, and Logan wishes her good luck, in as sincere a tone as he can muster. When she and Piz turn away, though, he gets a boo-boo-kitty look on his face, and I know Parker's not in this episode, dude, but could you try to remember that she exists? Am I going to have to call Little Girl God and get her to kick your ass again?

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