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My Very Pretty Pony

In the cafeteria, Piz runs into Veronica and happily tells her that he won the opportunity to be Desmond's guide while he's there. Veronica sincerely tells him that she loved the band, and asks why he's coming there. Piz tells her that one of their "idiot DJs" swore on the air, and to pay the mammoth FCC fine, they got Desmond to come play a fundraiser to save the station. It seems unlikely that Desmond would come play for free, but given what he turns out to be like, I could see him donating his time in defense of cursing. In fact, I'd make a donation myself -- you have to take steps these days to preserve your way of life. Veronica exposits that Johnny Scopes is dead, but Piz tells her that Desmond has all Johnny's backing tapes, and with the aid of those, he plays all the My Pretty Pony songs. I'd think singing with a dead man would be pretty creepy, but I'd guess we'd better get used to the idea, now that American Idol has taken things to a creepy, creepy new level. Piz says that Desmond is his hero, and that he can get tickets if Veronica's interested. In squeaking "Maybe!" Veronica's voice goes up to a note that would hurt dogs' ears, so it's just as well that Backup seems to have been permanently put out to pasture. Piz subtly takes that in, and as Veronica makes her excuses and rushes away, he stares after her, his face a mask of confusion and maybe the slightest bit of anger. Nice, nice work from Chris Lowell there.

Some fairly cute guy is wrapping up a presentation to the class about a shoe storage system. Logan looks bored, as if he's not the type to give Imelda Marcos and Carrie Bradshaw a run for their money. The teacher calls on Logan next, but Logan begs off giving his presentation until Monday. Good idea, Logan -- you'll still have time to announce your candidacy for the sheriff position. It may seem like a long shot, but I'll bet there are a lot of people out there who would vote for you based solely on their fantasies of scenarios involving you in the uniform. And let's not even get into the attendant accessories.

Piz, holding a generic version of a Big Gulp, is leading Desmond into his room at the Neptune Grand. Desmond, as I mentioned in the recaplet, is played by PAUL RUDD! I'm going to try to stop shouting his name, but it's going to be tough. I've seen Clueless about a hundred and fifty billion times, loved his scumbag turn in Wet Hot American Summer (speaking of which, I wonder if he and Ken Marino got to say hello during the filming of this episode), and I even adored him on Friends (his delivery of the line "If you have trouble remembering it, just think of a bag full of crap" is one of my favorite sitcom moments ever), so the perhaps unfortunate result is that he's become my own personal Steve Holt. Maybe I can solve the problem by referring to PAUL RUDD! as something else. How about Desmond? That seems oddly fitting. Piz tells Desmond how big a fan he is, and Desmond offhandedly says that's cool. Probably best that you didn't go into the details of how you got the job there, Piz. Desmond asks if that's his drink, and Piz hands it to him as he says it's tonic and ice. Hey, if the ice melts and you need more, could you let Dick out?

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