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Logan grandly starts to present his plan to the class, but his teacher cuts him off, aghast. Or as Mac would say, "ag-assed." Fine, I'll have more coffee.

In his office, Keith offers to rehire Leo, as he got fired from the security job and Keith feels responsible, and also, the department needs men. A lot of people were outraged that Keith would, or even could, bring Leo back after the business with the tapes, but if he were only asked to resign and no charges were filed, I could see it. Plus, there is that little point about Leo having saved Keith's life. Some people tend to remember things like that. I'd also opine that the Sheriff's Department is pretty much a joke of a story right now, so I'm glad to see a character I love coming back into it.

Cut to the two of them emerging from the office, with Leo saying he'll come back in to sign the paperwork. Veronica just happens to be there, and Leo tells her the good news and smiles that he guesses he'll be seeing her around, "just like old times." Life debts aside, maybe wait until you've made things official before you start hitting on the sheriff's daughter? Deputy (yay!) Leo leaves, and after a bit of banter about musicians, Vinnie appears and thanks Keith for a glowing quote he gave to the paper, including a mention of Vinnie being "an asset to this community." He goes on that you can't buy that kind of publicity, and after stringing Keith along in a way that would make Desmond jealous, Vinnie announces that he's declared his candidacy for Sheriff. Keith and Veronica look defeated and glum as Vinnie leaves. Well, that'll teach you the dangers of hyperbole, Keith. But I think Vinnie will make a far more interesting sheriff than Keith, which is convenient, because in my unspoiled opinion, there's no way in hell he's going to lose. It's also convenient that he'll finally be forced to lose the Members Only jacket. See you next week!

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