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Later, Desmond happily wraps up his set in front of the now-bazoo crowd, and then heads backstage. Piz appears with Veronica, and Desmond's happy to see him, and asks whether he was able to catch the end of the show at least. Piz confesses that they caught the whole thing, and over Desmond's sputtering, says the new stuff was awesome. Desmond smiles: "You're a bad man, Piznarski." Heh. And as long as we're doing product-placement, this moment was brought to you by Splenda. Everyone grins, and we cut out before Piz is like, "So, you want to exchange cell numbers?"

The payment part of the website is ready to roll, and Max and Mac head to the door. He asks her to breakfast the next day, but she begs off, saying she has to finish up. She promises a rain check, and he smiles and leaves. When he's gone, Logan gives her the "So, you and Geek Boy" eyebrows. I guess he doesn't care too much about Bronson, which is surprising, given that they shared a day of Happy Scavenger Hunt Fun Times. Maybe he's still pissed that they only came in third.

Grace appears backstage and tells Desmond that while he's still kind of a jerk, the show was pretty incredible. Desmond thanks her, and asks if she wants to go get a drink, "get away from all these damned kids?" She smiles, and I'm guessing he'll soon be seeing what kind of underwear she sports on a normal day. And since this is my last chance to say it, by "he," I mean PAUL RUDD!

In the morning, Mac has finished, and she gigglingly proclaims it an "ass-terpiece." Well, I don't pun my best on Red Bull and no sleep either. Logan, however, is back in I'm Getting Emo In The Morning mode, and asks about Veronica and Piz, specifically the possibility of cheating, and Mac is having about as much of that as she intends to have of Ultimate Frisbee and mushmouthed, cute guys. She packs up, and Logan ceases hanging onto the TV cabinet for dear emo life long enough to get out his checkbook. But Mac has a better idea: fifty percent ownership. Logan's smile suggests he's not even going to try to bargain her down, but he probably didn't even have any Red Bull with his no sleep.

In the cafeteria, Mac breaks up with Bronson. Seriously, it's about that eventful. She doesn't give a reason, we barely see a reaction shot -- what was the point of this character or this relationship? I did enjoy this episode, but not this subplot -- at least Mac and Beaver had a point, you know? I don't like this relationshippy direction at all. Logan and Mac together are fun, though.

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