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Keith and Leo accost Vinnie, who tells them (as he painfully and amusingly removes his mustache) that the owner of the place hired him, having gotten wind of some foul play, so he infiltrated the gang. You'll remember, of course, that Vinnie was in the Fitzpatricks' bar several episodes ago, so it's possible he used that connection, but I find it somewhat difficult to believe that they wouldn't have checked him out or found out he was a P.I. one way or another. I think this whole situation might go a lot deeper than it seems on the surface, which could be interesting. The cops pull up, and Leo does not look pleased. What he does look, however, is really, really hot.

Piz's boss looks anxiously out at the restless crowd, as it's apparently already past the time. She starts to bitch to Desmond, but Piz calls for him, and she hands the phone off. Piz tells Desmond that they're stuck in traffic, and asks if there's anything he can do until they get there -- maybe one of those new songs he was working on? Desmond nervously says he'll think about it, and hangs up. Veronica and Piz then hop out of the car, and it turns out they're at the show. I didn't know they knew how to lie like that in Beaverton, Piz!

Back from the last break, Desmond appears on stage to enthusiastic cheers. The "concert hall," by the way, looks suspiciously like the Neptune Grand set, and I don't know if inanimate entities have unions, but it seems to me like this one should be getting some overtime. Desmond asks the crowd how they feel about hearing some new solo material, and the cheering gets uncertain, like when Randy Jackson serves up one of his most delicious word salads. Regardless, Desmond starts in, and I believe I read on the boards he's doing a Cotton Mather song (think "Lily Dreams On" from the Veronica/Lilly dream sequence in the Season One finale). It's the same song that was playing in the car, and the music-rights budget heaves a sigh of relief as the crowd gets into it. Desmond loosens up and gets happy as he keeps going, and someone should call Jewel and tell her we've finally got the answer to "Who Will Save Your Soul" after all these years. Seriously, though, I know I'm not shutting up about it, but Paul Rudd is such a brilliant actor to be able to completely sell this sixty-minute-redemption storyline. Veronica tells "Piznarski" that he's a good guy. He looks at her, and then takes her hand, which is obviously yet another sexual assault on his part. Where are Nish and the Liliths when you really, really need them? Veronica looks ambivalent, but doesn't let go.

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