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My Very Pretty Pony

It's now dark as Piz and Veronica arrive at their destination and knock on the door. A bald older gentleman answers, and Veronica asks him about the tapes, but he confesses that he's been "kinda hung over," and his bags are still in the car. I'm so confused -- is he saying he drove drunk from the airport? He's way over twenty-one! I do like the touch, though, that he was as wasted as Desmond, and therefore was just as likely to take the wrong bag.

Cut to them on the way back, as Piz notes the illegal drugs Desmond was carrying and wonders how he made it through airport security. And, seriously: If the drugs weren't enough to set off warning bells, the ALUMINUM FOIL in which they're wrapped sure should have been. Piz and Veronica proceed to bond over nostalgic My Pretty Pony-related stories, and Veronica says that she used to think Desmond was cute. "Who knew he'd turn out to be such a wastoid lech?" Piz marble-mouths some defense of his man-idol, but then says that he's glad he got up the nerve to call Veronica. Veronica asks why he wouldn't have, and I'll give her some benefit of the doubt in that she's always ready to help a friend with a case, but still: Read a car, Mars. Piz says he thought it might be awkward, and Veronica sincerely says she's glad it's not. Piz, however, jokes that he's very uncomfortable. "I thought I'd be even more uncomfortable." Heh. They laugh, and then Piz pulls out another CD that's labeled "New Crap." He pops it into the player, and soon the two of them are smiling the smiles of Our Idol Has Come All The Way Back. I felt that way about Debbie Harry in the nineties. Piz also finds a notebook that contains the lyrics to a bunch of new songs, and gets A Mischievous Look on his face.

Keith and Leo pull up to Leo's work site, and Leo notes that there's a truck that isn't supposed to be there. They observe, engaged in some illegal-looking activity, Danny Boyd, a couple of random goons, and a horribly bemustached Vinnie Van Lowe. Deputy Sacks isn't going to be happy that you stole his most prized possession, Vinnie. Leo confirms that Vinnie was the guy who was casing the joint, and Keith tells Leo they need to wait for backup, then calls Sacks and reports the situation. But just then, Vinnie takes the opportunity to padlock everyone he's working with inside the store. Is other means of egress? Does the Fire Department know about this? He then makes a phone call, and shortly thereafter, Sacks is calling Keith to tell him that someone else just reported the same robbery.

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