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Mac and Max are babbling away as Logan mentally frames the shots for another business venture, entitled When Geeks Attack. Max does score points, however, when he says that the point of the internet "is to make money off of stupid people." It may not be the only point, but it's up there, and Logan agrees. Max and Mac geek-flirt for a while until Logan says he needs his camera, as he's sure there are people out there who will pay for "this hot nerd-on-nerd" action. Aaaand there goes my joke again. Thanks, Echolls.

Veronica and Piz arrive at the meeting, and Veronica immediately demands of the not-a-little cute leader what he's doing to stop Desmond's show. He says they sent a "strongly worded letter" (hee) but she wants to know "realistically" what their efforts are. But Piz gets her attention and points out Jeff Ratner, who's in the meeting talking to some girl. Piz explains about Ratner's presence in Desmond's room, and Veronica amusedly calls out his surname. Ratner: "Oh, great. What are you gonna accuse me of this time?" Given your question, I'll accuse you of reading the boards. Veronica doesn't disappoint, saying he stole Desmond's backing tapes. Ratner, bored, denies that, but Veronica says his access to Desmond's bag and his presence at the meeting makes her go, "Hmm!" Ratner: "What's the thing that makes you go away?" I don't know if it's his dexterity with sarcasm or his plucky underdog status, but I'm really starting to like this guy. Piz asks who else could have planted "the blue hotel robe" in the bag, causing Veronica's eyes hilariously to go wider than Pepe Le Pew's did when he saw that poor cat with the painted-on stripe. Ratner, on the same wavelength, gives her a satisfied smirk, and Veronica is forced to tell Piz that his claim that it was a Neptune Grand robe was erroneous -- the Grand's robes are white. Veronica sucks it up and apologizes to Ratner, sounding sincere enough. Ratner: "I don't accept your apology." Hee. Veronica says she'll live. All right, I'll say it: More episodes for Jeff Ratner, please. As relevant as that request can be at this point in the game. But seriously, props to David Magidoff. He rules.

Desmond opens the door to find Piz and Veronica, and Veronica quickly grabs the bag and pulls out the contact info card within as Desmond sarcastically asks if she's solved the mystery. Veronica puts the card on her head and says yes. "Danny Cleaver's bag, and all my time this weekend?" After the inevitable ensuing bemusement, she says the answer is, "Two things you didn't mean to take, but did!" It turns out Desmond grabbed the wrong bag at the airport, as will happen when you clean out the plane's entire supply of miniature bottles of champagne. She says that the owner of the bag is in L.A., and with four hours before the show, they should be able to get the tapes in time. She and Piz head out, and Desmond reflects on how this was a pretty good Of The Week as we head into the break. Seriously, I was expecting one more twist and didn't get it, so...a little lame, I have to say. Still enjoyed it, though, obviously.

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