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My Very Pretty Pony
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Many, many thanks to Joe R for hilariously subbing in for me on last week's dreadful episode, while I got to steal Jon Bon Jovi away from him. Sometimes life just isn't fair, but that's when we have to remember that America is the land of opportunity. Or something.

Chez Mars. Wallace and Veronica are watching The Women (and I just spent five minutes researching that based on the three seconds of footage we saw to tentatively come up with that answer, only to have Wallace say the name of the movie twenty seconds later, which means this recap is off to a rollicking start) for Wallace's Film Studies class, and Veronica "casually" asks Wallace if Piz has said anything to him. Wallace: "Like how you two made out in the hall and then you took off?" His gleeful tone demonstrates that while being in the middle when your friends date can be awkward, it does generally afford you the best chances to give them shit. Veronica asks after Piz's mood, and Wallace, with respect to the passing-notes-in-class feel of the conversation, asks if he's a twelve-year-old girl. Veronica: "No. But you're drinking Fresca and watching Joan Crawford movies." Heh. Wallace thinks Piz's mood has been normal, and then Keith puts an end to the girl talk by arriving home with a weirdly hangdog look. He brightens up as he reports that the deadline to register for the special election is Monday (whenever that is), so he expects to be running unopposed. Why, oh why, do characters on TV jinx themselves like that? No one I know would let that sentence pass his lips without at least knocking on the nearest wood. Or his forehead, at least in my case.

At the campus radio station, Piz's boss is conducting a trivia-off between Piz and some idiot named Arnold. There are posters advertising a "Desmond Fellows" show all over the place, and the questions she's asking have to do with Fellows, his former bandmate "Johnny Scopes," and their band, "My Pretty Pony." They go back and forth with a super-dorky level of knowledge of the band until Piz steals a question from Arnold, and his boss tells him that the job is his. He gives Arnold a no-look "slap my hand, bitch" palm before his boss tells him there's a lot riding on whatever his job is, and not to blow it. Honey, given what's coming, I don't think Piz is the wild card in this situation.

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