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One Hell Of A Reunion
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Before I start, I'm told the episode title is both an Apocalypse Now reference and a lyric from a Clash song. You can decide for yourself which one fits the story better.

In the Mars kitchen, Keith is cutting up some vegetables as Veronica nervously opines that "this" idea of Keith's is a bad one. Keith: "Math, sweetie. Me plus idea equals good." If you listen really closely, you can hear Kendall doing an incredulous spit-take on her third martini of the afternoon up in heaven. (She and Lynn Echolls are total BFFs, by the way.) There's a knock at the door, and Veronica and Keith exchange an amusing glance before Veronica opens the door to find Logan, who asks, "You were expecting Sidney Poitier?" Veronica steps out onto the patio and closes the door. "No jokes. No innuendos, no quips, don't even think of alluding to having seen me naked, or having touched any part of my body that does not have fingers!" Time is at a premium on television, Veronica, and you could have saved some by just telling him not to talk. Logan promises not to say anything bad, and they enter, hand in hand.

Cut to Keith asking Logan how school's going. Logan replies that he's not hating it, and Veronica gives a tight-lipped, dorky smile and nod, like "See, Dad? He's not so bad? Now can we cut out right in the middle of dinner so we can preserve that impression?" Logan starts to say his grades aren't so hot, but Veronica cuts him off and tells Keith that Hearst let him in late because of his high test scores. I'm not saying Logan's not intelligent, but I don't think he really committed a lot of time to studying for standardized tests last year. It's more likely the test examiner looked at his answers and was like, "I want some of whatever he's on." Keith, ignoring Veronica's increasingly urgent interruptions, asks what classes Logan's taking, and Logan rattles off his courses, which include "Mass Comm," which he claims is coming in handy: "Apparently being the offspring of a murderer doesn't get old. I'm getting all these interview requests -- Larry King wants me to come on with O.J.'s kids." Maybe they can book Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney as musical guests. Keith somewhat aggressively wonders why Logan isn't thinking about it, but maybe he's still pissed off about the whole tape-erasing thing. (I know I am, although not at Logan.) Anyway, Veronica calls a time-out, and she and Keith banter for a bit too long until Keith asks exactly what subjects of conversation are permitted. Veronica casts about for a bit and comes up with "hobbies," which, given what the catalyst for their whole fight LAST EPISODE was, wouldn't have been my choice. Logan mentions surfing, and Keith asks what the attraction is, only to have Veronica tells Logan not to answer that. Jeez, and I've been accused of being heavy-handed as a moderator. Keith rolls his eyes, and we're out. Some people were disappointed that this scene was too short, and while I think they got the salient points across in regard to Logan's plotline tonight, I'll certainly agree that the length was belied by the heavy preview promotion. At least the promos showed stuff that was actually in the episode, though, which is more than I can say for the old WB. Also an improvement? No more billing new episodes as "fresh." Someone finally figured out that using a term that went out before a large percentage of the viewership was born wasn't the way to go to advertise new content. Groovy.

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