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Is This Betty Ford We're Talking About?

Buckle up, kids. Seven straight episodes. I wonder if my heart can take it...oh, wait.

Previouslies: Good God, I've written around two hundred pages about this show already. As if.

We open with Veronica tearing up her bedroom. I do that too, but only if I can't find the remote to the cable box. Which is pretty sad, considering this is New York, and as such, my bed actually touches the TV. VMVO wonders at the "coincidence" of Clarence Wiedman finding Lianne the same day Veronica did.

Sometime later, Veronica's room looks like, as every kid I ever knew heard from his or her mother at one point or another, "a tornado hit it." VMVO realizes that Wiedman didn't know where to find Lianne, but where to find Veronica. I'd think finding Lianne wouldn't be so tough for a head of security. All he'd need to do is track the regional routes of the trucks of Anheuser-Busch. Veronica puzzledly picks up a box as VMVO tells us that she never donated to the "Wildlife Alliance." More's the pity. If you give ten bucks, you save a parrot from captivity. Veronica realizes that the panda pencil sharpener they sent must contain a bug, and dismantling the thing confirms that. She adds that Wiedman must have heard her book her flight to Barstow. That answers the question of why Veronica got there in the daytime, since Barstow is only a three- or four-hour drive from the San Diego area. But there's no way Veronica would have sacrificed what could have been crucial hours in going after her mom, so this is a contrivance in the service of Veronica discovering the bug. I mean, it's no big deal, but they could have put Lianne in Davis or something. I had a friend in college who lived there, and believe me, for a university town, it's pretty grim. When your best option for a good time is Sacramento, you're not exactly living la vida loca. Where was I? VMVO tells us that she delayed leaving because she didn't want to look like an extra from Valley Girl, and while I appreciate both the reference and the effort, there's no reason she couldn't have taken a half-hour to change and still made it to Barstow for last call. Particularly not when the words "last" and "call," when uttered together at the bar at which Lianne was discovered, would lead to the bartender's needing last rites.

We flash back to Veronica seeing Wiedman again. VMVO notes he had to have seen her. Considering he's looking at her with eyes slightly more focused than those of Robert Patrick in Terminator 2, I'm thinking yes. After Wiedman leaves, Lianne tries to stagger out, but Veronica gets her to a booth and embraces her. Lianne cries that Veronica shouldn't be there, and that she's trying to protect Veronica. Veronica calls to the bartender for some coffee. Seeing who it's for, the bartender hits the speed-dial button marked "Starbucks." Veronica tells Lianne that everything will be okay, and Lianne smiles at her. The failure of the strains of a certain Bob Marley song to kick up makes me suspect that she might not be entirely correct.

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