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First off, I just want to thank Jacob for covering my ass during sweeps, and for doing such a hilarious job. Next time I go out to California, you're coming with me.

Also, this is my hundredth recap for TWoP. I assume I can expect some sort of ceremony to mark the occasion...oh, hi, Wing. Wow, nice branding iron. It looks pretty hot, though. Wait, what do you mean it's "convenient" that I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt? This (ow) may (ow) take (ow) a (ow) while. And I really should have seen that coming, having just watched Jarhead. ["There are many branding irons, but this one is mine." -- Wing Chun]

One other thing, though: I don't think I've ever said what a great job everyone involved with this show does, be they writers, editors, crew, or any of the other myriad jobs it takes to produce a show of this consistent quality on a tight budget. So I'm saying it now. And you know I mean the mushy feelings if I can express them with blisters all over my triceps.

Okay. We open on Meg's face. She's bathed in soft, white, angelic light, and if this isn't an effort to get me to reprise the "Saint Blonde" nickname from last season, I don't know what else it could be. Meg asks someone offscreen, presumably Duncan, if he loves her, or ever did. She goes on to say that, on the bus, all the good moments they had together flashed before her eyes. Considering how quickly gravity works, it's a good thing she picked such a short memory. A bitchy Veronica comes into frame and scoffs as Meg, turning desperate, says that Duncan made promises to her on the beach, and that he can save her: "All you have to do is want to!" Veronica snots to the camera that she's heard enough, but Alona Tal is still working on her reel, so she asks what Veronica has that she doesn't. Veronica then gags Meg. Leave it to her to find a particularly stylistic way of answering that question. Veronica then snots that she's conscious, for a start, and it seems a little unfair to say something that cold when your victim can't even answer. If coma patients can, in fact, hear what people say to them, they must be a more frustrated group even than Republican environmentalists. In other news, Veronica is wearing black leather pants, a studded belt and choker, and a sheer top with a black bra underneath. So this wasn't an effort to bring back "Saint Blonde" -- it's just Duncan's little Megonna/whore fantasy. On the one hand, the idea behind this dream is both terribly sexist and hopelessly prosaic, so it doesn't do Duncan any favors. On the plus side, though, Duncan's unconscious did at least dress Veronica awfully well. Veronica approaches the camera and asks if this is what Duncan really wants: "Teddy bears and mash notes?" Oh, Veronica. I appreciate your bitchy point, but you don't want to step on it by confusing this particular actor by using the word "Teddy." She tells Duncan to grow up, and backhands him...

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