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Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Stupid Little Lies
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At the Savoy, some crooner is warbling about trouble coming or something. At the bar, some slick guy in a suit butters up Savino for getting in on the ground floor with "Dickie Fontaine," but that's just one of the smart moves he's made since taking over the joint. Savino is wary, but pleased and when the charmer introduces himself as Tommy Stone -- who works over at the Hacienda -- Savino cracks, "We all have to make a living." Stone says his friends in Hollywood tell him Fontaine's booking fees will quadruple once his record comes out, but of course Savino already knows that, right? Savino, obviously lying, pretends he does and as soon as Stone leaves, Savino -- falling for what is clearly a con -- calls Cota over to say he wants to lock Fontaine in for a year and his current price.

Elsewhere, a shaken Jack washes his hands in the bathroom of the hovel where he shot Rizzo and it turns out I was wrong when I assumed Rizzo wouldn't actually be dead -- he's getting cold on the floor, still lying where he fell. Jack -- obviously anxious and not at all thinking straight -- takes Rizzo's gun and gets the hell out of there. The only real explanation -- since this was an entirely justified kill -- is that he doesn't want Mia to know he did it. I guess he'd prefer to lie about it first and THEN have her find out?

Anyway, Dixon is hitting on some comely European tourists and ignoring the radio report of a stolen black Thunderbirds running from cops along Fremont (the only street in Vegas) when the car goes running past. He manages to calm his boner long enough to leave the women and gives chase in his own car, cutting the guy off and pulling his gun on him, only to find out he knows the guy, who is named Pete. (Just one name, like Cher.)

Back at the station, Dixon wants to know what happened to the straight-A star ballplayer he knew from high school, but apparently has disappeared. Turns out he didn't so much disappear as knocked up his girlfriend and so got a job and settle down. Dixon must be a really good friend if he didn't know that. Pete says he's stealing cars now because he needs the money; things aren't going well with his wife and he tells Dixon he can't do time because of everything he's got going on, which is, apparently, a job and a family? Dixon presumes Pete's not doing this on his own, since there have been a rash of auto thefts lately and Pete admits he boosted the Thunderbird for a guy who is part of a ring of mechanics who strip the cars for parts for sale in L.A. He'll be at a drag race tomorrow night and Dixon's very interested in that.

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