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Guys, No Gang Wars While My Wife is in Town, Huh?
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Savino's meeting with Leo Farwood again, and things seem to be going well investment-wise for his Tumbleweed club plans. There's a little dancing around the unsavory nature of Savino's line of work, but Farwood says Mormons are all about relationships. I guess that means as long as you look a man in the eye when you shake his hand and don't murder him, that's good enough for him.

Now, choosing an unsuitable wife? That's another matter. Farwood says the type of wife a man chooses says a lot about him. I don't know that anyone should be taking character advice from this guy, but it turns out that Savino's wife Laura will be here in time for the dinner at the country club tomorrow. Then Savino presents Farwood with a huge Tumbleweed cake, carried by two showgirls, and pretends to be surprised when Farwood doesn't start having sex with the showgirls right there in the restaurant.

Later, Laura shows up -- she's somewhere south of "enthused" to be here -- and gets the royal treatment from Vincent as well as the staff, and meets Mia, who she knows largely through her father, it seems. When Laura asks how he is, Mia gives a cheery-but-noncommittal "Same as always," -- which I guess means "still prone to violent outbursts" -- and to show Laura around town tomorrow. Laura accepts, giving the sense she feels like she's being pawned off by Vincent.

Ralph comes into the office to find ADA O'Connell draped all over his desk, because she and Dixon are trying to locate Davey Cornaro (with some utterly unnecessary background given to Ralph, clearly shoehorned in for viewers) and wonder if Cornaro might have been bribing Sheriff Clyde as well; if so, his arrest records might show it. O'Connell praises Dixon's police work, and Jack comes in so everyone can chortle about brains or whatever skipping generations, and then the mayor comes in and Ralph boots everyone else out.

The mayor's there to get Ralph to put his name up for election, as Clyde's term is about to run out and Jack would be unopposed. That might be a little presumptuous, but Ralph's non-committal, claiming to want to keep his options open. At the very least, the mayor wants Ralph to stand beside him at an Elks Lodge fundraiser, and it turns out Ralph can be bought: by the promise of chili omelettes. Might as well open all the windows in the sheriff office now, damn.

And then we get to the case of the week: An adorable nine-year-old tyke named Tim Larson arrives at his '60s-trendy home with his mom, where his dad and Uncle Andy are going over documents with some other suit, something having to do with highway lanes, establishing that the dad is not willing to scrimp by cutting a lane here or there to save some money. This is going to be by the book, dammit! That would be Uncle Andy looking to save money.

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