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That Girl Is Poison
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Dixon is "playing hooky" from work -- you know, the job that he shows up to hours late every morning because he's so tired from banging housewives -- at a pool where he jumps in and ogles underwater asses. You know, the kind of behavior that he would normally arrest people for. The good news is he's on hand to help rescue a drowning girl, who is floating face down in the water.

Katherine -- concerned since Laura has disappeared -- is meeting with Mr. Jones (much to the consternation of Ralph, who is a little look-here-little-lady over Katherine doing her job) to gather information on Savino, in exchange for life in prison (instead of the gas chamber). Being as eccentric -- excessively formal, quoting C.S. Lewis -- as ever, Jones agrees, in exchange for dental work on his teeth, damaged in prison fights. "Some inmates mistook me for prey," he explains. The scene is a little tense, with Jones' request for Katherine to come closer and then shake her hand. It wasn't a given he wouldn't attack her.

Meanwhile, Jack has just finished putting a restaurant out of business by taking advantage of a restaurant's all-you-can-eat brunch offer, but it's because, he lets us all know, that he worked up an appetite banging Mia all morning. And she has to fight him off from spending more time at that because she's got a job interview at the Stardust.

Outside the Savoy, Vinnie's on the phone arguing with his kids' cello teacher because he wants to speak to his kids, which he hasn't done in a week. While he's on hold -- that's one brave cello teacher -- Cota and Red show up to get the news they're headed into the middle of the desert to pick up a trailer of hot newfangled electronic slot machines. Cota's plea to get some sun cream to prevent lobsterface is ignored, and after Savino realizes Laura's given instructions for the cello teacher to not let the kids talk to their father, he decides to accompany Cota and Red on the road trip. Spotting Jack across the street, he uses the opportunity to warn him -- masking it by first yelling at him for not solving more crimes of vandalism in the Savoy parking lot -- that someone's gunning for him. Jack gets the picture, but not why Savino would warn him. "Dead cops are bad for business," explains Savino.

Dixon, who I guess has nothing better to do (like show up for work) visits the hospital room of the girl he saved from drowning and introduces himself to XXXXX Binder, her father, who introduces the rest of his impossibly good-looking family, and Dixon realizes he's in the presence of family act The Teentastics. He asks Mr. Binder to let him know how Fay is doing, but before he can go, the doctor strolls in and announces that drowning may have saved Fay's life, since the water intake diluted the toxins in her system. "It is my belief your daughter was intentionally poisoned," he says.

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